Jon: I Love Tom Keating!

Tom Keating is (mostly) my favorite Portland artist…
I first discovered Portland painter Tom Keating about one and a half years ago. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a show he was doing at Backspace on NW 5th. His painting mostly deal with similiar themes and he has a very distinct style. His characters remind astetically of working class urban americana circa mid-century. The piece Paul and I own is one of his rare departures from his normal themes:

Time Travel….
This painting is titled “Time Travel By Doing Nothing”

The imagery reminds me of a wierd combo of baby Jesus swaddled in a blanket, and the profile of his mother Mary. The shape of a shell is formed by combining these two images. The truelly horrible reality of dozens of legs grasping out at the bottom of the shell nicely rounds out what, to me, is a statement on organized religion.
One of Tom Keatings most recent and traditional pieces, which I also love, is called “Rats and Strawberry”:

Rats and Strawberry

I love the characters he creates! I’m about to sound SO art collector and SO NOT art lover, but I think Tom Keating has a real bankable and commercially viable character asthetic that could easily become quite popular with mainstream art viewers. Fingers crossed! Get famous Tom Keating so my painting is worth a ton!Lastly, check out this video he made, it’s pretty awesome:For more info, check out Tom Keating online


1 Response to “Jon: I Love Tom Keating!”

  1. January 5, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Thanks Jon.

    Can I put you on a mailing list for shows?

    New art up at


    more art soon.

    also, if anyone is interested, there is a local art book that I have 8 pages in called INVISION available at

    Amazon.com. or Powells book stores or online.

    or email me if you love art, but are broke as hell, and want the book. We give discounts if you can’t afford to

    pay 20 bucks.

    Please be honest, it will bring you good luck.


    Tom Keating


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