Jon: Are you jealous?

Come take a tour of our fabulous collection…..

We here living in the gaycondo like a lot of things:

    • Music
    • Magazines
    • Cooking
    • Gay Sex
    • Not leaving a carbon footprint (just kidding, we love carbon footprints…)

 All of these things are fantastic, however, when actually entering the gaycondo, the first thing one actually sees is that this is a house full of art lovers.  

HEY! YOU! Come take a tour with me of gaycondo’s wonderful art collection:

1.) Two Pieces by Canadian photographer, Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe 1

LIz Wolfe 2

2.) A Painting by Pippa


3.) A painting by local renaissance woman Tara Jane Oniel:

Tara Jane Oniel

4.) A photograph (yes it is a photo) by American photographer Jo Whaley:

Jo Whaley

5.) This painting by Portland artist Mark James Gunderson:

Mark James Gunderson

6.) A water color by japanese artist Hatsuki Makamura:

Hatsuki Makamura

7.) A screen print by Kristine Virsis:

Kristine Virsis

8.) A photograph by New England artist Sage Sohier:

Sage Sohier

9.) A fab painting by Portland artist Tom Keating (see previous post)



2 Responses to “Jon: Are you jealous?”

  1. January 7, 2008 at 5:28 am

    1. i am impressed that you have a painting by tara jane.
    2. i really like jo whaley.
    3. i like how i can see you reflection in the hatsuki makamura painting, it shows dedication.
    4. this is much better than when you try to tell me about these wonderful things at work but i can’t focus or remember later because it was at work.

    love nicole.

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