Jon: I Feel Great!!

Life is just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, just like all of you, I get a little bit down in the dumps. For example, sometimes I think to myself:

  • I need a haircut!
  • My job is stressful!
  • Why can’t I be thinner/prettier/funnier!
  • Where is my life going?
  • Does anyone really love me?

But then, I pick myself up, get to living and put a grin on my face! Sometimes this is hard…. I need something to lift my spirits! But what? I need something so joyful, happy, and full of life that I can’t help but be full of brightness and merriment. I need to have the care free spirtit of a child! The lust for the day of someone who just fell in love! The warmth of the sun on my skin! I NEED SOMETHING TO MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!

But them I remember…

I already know the most perfect source of joy and inspiration! I already know what can make my world shine….


1 Response to “Jon: I Feel Great!!”

  1. 1 julia
    January 10, 2008 at 6:31 am

    darling, it’s not blak friday. jeez, after a few minutes of people “flying” to their deaths, i had to stop watching the video. is there a happy ending? a new diet pill? let me know…
    i think you’re fantastic, but i know definitely know what it’s like to get low and hate on yourself. rich and skinny rich and skinny… what can’t i make great art? then i usually go do something like eat a really good sandwich and forget all about it.

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