Paul: I Love Presidential Elections!


Forget Britney and Lindsey, 2008’s all about Hillary and Barack
Right about this time of year and again in the fall I turn into a political news junkie. This year my favorite is John Edwards as far as the issues go, but the odds seem to be stacked against him. If it comes down to Hillary and Barack I have a hard time choosing. I think the symbolic effect of electing the first woman or person of color is huge


Both would make great candidates if nominated, way better than anyone on the republican side. Hopefully this year’s race won’t be so nail-bitingly close like the last two elections. It makes things exciting but I’d much rather have a Democratic shoo-in. I learned a big lesson about close races back in 2000. As much as I regret it now I was really into Ralph Nader.

I liked Ralph Nader so much that my friend Tara and I taunted Al Gore when he came to our school. Our school was playing a football game against his son’s team. Looking back I’m amazed that he found time to come and watch his son’s game considering that this was the fall of 2000, right in the middle of the notoriously close election. Maybe if he’d been stumping in Florida instead the world would be a different place. Anyway, we thought he was a little to conservative so we wrote Nader on white t-shirts with sharpies and went down to the game. There were some secret service around but we were able to get within about 20 feet of him and began to chant, “Nader! Nader! Nader!” He glared at us, and this is what he said:

These days I really like Al Gore, and if he reads this blog I sincerely apologize for this incident.


1 Response to “Paul: I Love Presidential Elections!”

  1. January 10, 2008 at 9:04 am

    That was a great comeback by Al.

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