Paul: Busby Berkeley is amazing!


watching his movies is kind of like watching soft core porn, but instead of fast-forwarding to the sex you want to skip to the singing and dancing
If you aren’t familiar with him or you ever heard the Magnetic Fields song “Busby Berkeley Dreams” and wondered what the hell that meant, he was an amazing choreographer for musical films in the 30′ and 40’s. His schtick was creating psychodelic crazy formations like this:
He also did a number of impeccable synchronized swimming scenes like this that will blow your freakin’ mind! It’s a collection of clips from the 1933 film “Footlight Parade”. The really good stuff starts about a minute in.

I’ve never been into musicals that much but I think that his work really has a tendency to strike a chord with almost any fag. Not only is there music and dance, it’s surprisingly trippy for pre-LSD entertainment. My interest was piqued when I was about 5 years old. Before I was at all aware of the significance of Busby Berkely I saw this scene starring Miss Piggy from “The Great Muppet Caper”. It was heavily influenced by his work.


3 Responses to “Paul: Busby Berkeley is amazing!”

  1. January 12, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    Not just fags, man, this stuff is artful, the synchronicity of the movements absolutely gorgeous to behold…

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