Paul: Hey, That’s My Cat…


…In a Mary Timony Video!

While they can’t blog for themselves gaycondo is also home to three fantastic cats. Their names are Alien, Predator, and Carlton. They’re all totally gay, too. I recently stumbled across this Mary Timony video for the song “Dr. Cat” and the cat in it looks EXACTLY like Carlton.
Now check out the one in the video, and watch the whole thing because there’s a sweet dance sequence near the end…

uncanny, isn’t it?
While most cats are territorial and not very nice to each other the gaycondo cats have nothing but love for one another. Here’s a picture of them snuggling:


3 Responses to “Paul: Hey, That’s My Cat…”

  1. 2 gaycondo
    January 16, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    I knew SOMEONE from gaycondo was destined to become famous… or celebri-kitty spotted.


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