Paul: What’s Next For Kendra Wilkinson?


I’ve got a few ideas.

I love The Girls Next Door, each of the girls have their own distinct charm. As much as I enjoy the show I don’t buy into the picture they paint of life at the mansion. The word on the street is that they don’t really get along with one another at all. Alson, I don’t think that all three of them are really sleeping with Hef (Holly totally is though). And Kendra’s not nearly as dumb as she lets America think. She’s worked herself into the position she’s in, it’s not like it just landed in her lap. And I’m almost positive she’s at least a little bit gay. Anyone with a keen since of gaydar can tell, and if you don’t believe me check out this quote from her myspace page:
      “Ive always had way more guy friends then female friends because i can relate to guys alot more. i love hangin out with my guy friends and checkin out girls w them, love camping, watchin n playing sports, drinkin beer,doin guy things but i love being a girl too, dressin up tryin to look purtee and goin out with my girls but i dont get my nails done cuz i think its a waste of time and money hahaha!!!”

If you’re still not convinced watch this…

I rest my case. Supposedly Kendra’s contract with Playboy ends in a little less than a year and she can’t wait to get out. What will she do when she leaves the mansion? For one thing, I think that she’s going to come out of the closet big time. Not only is she going to need a job, she’ll also need a hot girlfriend. I think that having her own dating show would kill two birds with one stone. Check out this clip about Tila Tequila’s “Shot at Love”, Kendra could learn a lot from her…

p.s. If anyone from Playboy wants to sue me over this, you can’t squeeze blood from a rock.


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