Paul: What was she thinking?


Most Jews can’t pull off blonde hair!

In case you haven’t heard, British singer Amy Winehouse got a dramatic new hairdo. Bad move! No doubt she’s about 10 pounds lighter without her trademark beehive. I guess you have to give her credit for not giving a rat’s ass how she looks in spite of the paparazzi, but look at this depressing before and after shot:                                                                        wino2.jpgwino-blonde.jpg

second pic stolen from Perez Hilton (don’t sue me!)

Is it just me, or does the blonde hair age her about 15 years? Perhaps its just that partying hard makes you look haggard way before your time, but the new haircolor really reminds me of Patsy in this episode of AbFab:


It’s a shame, cause she was such a darned cute kid!

Dye your hair back and eat a sandwich, you can still be the hotness if you cut this shit out.


1 Response to “Paul: What was she thinking?”

  1. January 18, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    When I hear that ANYONE is going blonde, my first thought is, “EEENNNNNNGGGHHH, no!”

    ….not that this is always true.
    Shoot, some people have very nice dyed-blonde hair.

    ….but Amy Winehouse?


    It’s like hearing Mr T., or Pippi Longstocking, went blonde.

    The pics only confirm the initial suspicion. SHE SHOULDN’T A DONE IT.

    …or gotten… the trifling tattoos… but that’s for another blog….

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