Jon: Searching for “postmodern”


….a truly modern post.

As a continuation of my “Searching for” experiment, I thought it might be interesting to search for an even more abstact concept than my last project. For this edition of my weekly analysis of all things search, I’ll be exposing the internet underbelly of Postmodernism. For those not in the know, Webster’s defines postmodernism as:

2 a: of, relating to, or being any of various movements in reaction to modernism that are typically characterized by a return to traditional materials and forms (as in architecture) or by ironic self-reference and absurdity (as in literature) b: of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language”

Second Project

“Postmodern” in:


Google Image,

and Youtube


…by the way, I love dinosaurs.


Wow! To read what these dinosaurs are saying, you’ll have to click the image. Sorry for the limitations of the (post) modern technology age!

(Cartoon from Quantz)


…i don’t know how to feel.

I found this video on You Tube, and though I have a sneaking suspicion it is supposed to be funny, I honestly think it is bizarrly touching. It is a really strong statement on the postmodern, technology saturated culture we live in. Everything is knowable, yet distance exists from tangability so nothing can ever truly be “known”.

WOW! I am a douche! This video is totally making fun of me!

but still, it touches me….


…nothing is more post modern than being so referencial, that no active “production”is  involved in the creation of a product!

So, In the search for the ultimate postmodern text, I discovered an online essay writing program, called:




Basically, this program creates meaningless “essays”, which sound smart, but are actually gibberish. It is actually pretty amazing that it is even possible. In a perfect example of postmodernism, these articles read as completely legit analysis of numerous topics, however upon closer reading, they are super-crazy bull shit. Click above a couple of times and you will se what I mean.


…now even our pets can be part of the postmodern game!


(From Postmodern Pets)


…..and then there is this faggot.

Geez, even excersise guru’s are getting in on the postmodern band wagon! Watch as this crotchy fellow teaches us all the in’s and out’s of the “postmodern cartwheel”:


5 Responses to “Jon: Searching for “postmodern””

  1. 1 gaycondo
    January 24, 2008 at 10:30 am

    great post! but you forgot to discuss Post Modern MUSIC.
    wikipedia says: “Postmodern music is both a musical style and a musical condition. As a musical style, postmodern music contains characteristics of postmodern art—that is, art after modernism (see Modernism in Music). It favors eclecticism in musical form and musical genre, and often combines characteristics from different genres, or employs jump-cut sectionalization (such as blocks). It tends to be self-referential and ironic, and it blurs the boundaries between “high art” and kitsch. Daniel Albright (2004) summarizes the traits of the postmodern style as bricolage, polystylism, and randomness.

    As a musical condition, postmodern music is simply the state of music in postmodernity, music after modernity. In this sense, postmodern music does not have any one particular style or characteristic, and is not necessarily postmodern in style or technique. The music of modernity, however, was viewed primarily as a means of expression while the music of postmodernity is valued more as a spectacle, a good for mass consumption, and an indicator of group identity. For example, one significant role of music in postmodern society is to act as a badge by which people can signify their identity as a member of a particular subculture.”

    and then there could be a big picture of us, Swallows, for self reference.

  2. 2 julia
    January 24, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    ok, here comes THE COMMENT BOMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaa!!!! Hold onto your self-referential hairstyles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I am not so into the wikipedia explanations… “What does post-modern mean to YOU?” is a lot more interesting to me… (not to be nasty, but hey, I am here for a reason- MY OPINION!!! haha)

    What I love thinking about in the whole post-modern ethic/aesthetic is poetry… William Carlos Willams writing about the atom bomb… Amazing.

    What does “post-modern” mean to me? We exist in an age of the ever-present fear of death from nuclear devices. Since the world wars, we’ve been made aware that really, things could all become nothing very instantly. Complete negation is possible and happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this past century. Peoples’ fingers blowing up as big as giant octopus legs? Flowing rivers of blood? It’s passe at this point, these things can, do and will happen again- unless we get really modern and figure out something truly grand on a mass-scale. In this mindset of post-modernism, nothing really makes sense. If we can obliterate whole cities and genocide is forgivable, do ethics even exist? What is humanity without integrity? And what is the world without humans? Does civilization need to collapse in oder to be civil? (See Derek Jensen on this one… a character if I do say so myself.)

    Well, anyways, I hope I got to say some pretentious stuff here and flip my hair a bit.

    Jon, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the video of the guy pondering his own existence in reference to his laptop, video games and gold fish. Very, very cool. I enjoyed this blog a lot.

  3. 3 sara
    October 7, 2009 at 1:27 am

    could you please more picture senme of postmodernism

  4. 4 sara
    October 7, 2009 at 1:28 am


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