Beth: my short film: here to make your face laugh


hello blog world!
Last summer I bought a digital camcorder on credit, joined a film collective, and then made this video with my best friend Bonnie. Here is some back story: Bonnie, my house mate at the time, and I woke up feeling like we needed to have a dance party in our living room. I set up the camcorder and we danced our asses off to the Wedding Singer soundtrack, filming the event. Several sessions of editing later I came up with this video!:

My video was inspired by the Blonde Redhead music video, “Top Ranking”, made by Miranda July. I initially shot the footage of my friend and I dancing sans knowing what I would do with it. I was inspired by how the poses in July’s video complemented each other in each sequence. I started to see how frames from my video footage could be put together and create a visual sequence to a song. Some of the shots of my video fall parallel the musics’ rhythm and create their own flow with it. July’s video is made of posed frames she puts together that are premeditated. It only seems fair that I also include the original inspiration of Miranda July’s music video for Blonde Redhead’s “Top Ranking”


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