Paul: Steve From Blue’s Clues Not Dead!


…don’t believe the internet rumors!

Contrary to what Em said in her comment on my recent post about Elijah Wood’s appearance on “Yo Gabba Gabba!”, Steve did not kill himself. Another popular story in circulation holds that he died in a drug overdose. Don’t believe it! It’s all false, though one could easily understand the speculation in light of his unceremonious disappearance from Blues Clues. This no doubt pissed off millions of children. One day they turned on the tv to find Steve gone, and in his place this guy:
One could easily have inferred that he’d murdered Steve and taken over his life, the dog eventually coming to accept him. I admit that several years a go I might on occasion pause for a few moments to watch Blue’s Clues while flipping through channels. This is purely bacause Steve was kind of cute. There’s no chance of that happening with this new guy. I bet there was a huge drop in ratings following Steve’s departure as mothers no longer had any interest in watching the show with their kids.
Anyway, Steve is alive and well. He even has an indie rock band called “Steve Burns (and the Struggle)” and they’re on Myspace. While the music isn’t my cup of tea it’s worth a listen. I’m not sure why he gave up his Nickelodeon stardom, I guess filming in front of a blue screen for hours on end finally took it’s toll.


1 Response to “Paul: Steve From Blue’s Clues Not Dead!”

  1. 1 Nickey Robo
    January 28, 2008 at 12:58 am

    Do you remember how Little Pete of Pete and Pete went to Hampshire? Someone told me once that all the rumors about Steve really made him mad, and he would say “it’s fucked up! he’s a really nice guy!” Oh, what a crazy world.

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