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photo by Nilina Mason-Cambell
photo by Nilina Mason-Cambell :: myspace.com/reporterband

Listen: “Lo-Pan”

REPORTER may not be as tragically unheard of as you think (ie. Recently they opened for The Thermals on a cross country tour and under former moniker, Wet Confetti, they received rave reviews in Portland and had an album released by a member of Gang Of Four). However, lucky for YOU, they aren’t so famous they couldn’t answer a few questions for GAYCONDO via email!

Reporter VS. Wet Confetti. Describe the reason for the name change and compare the music/performance differences between the two.
We don’t really consider it a name change, we think of it more as same people new project. We decided to start Reporter because we wanted to do something different musically and we just thought that taking Wet Confetti there wouldn’t be right. Wet Confetti was more technical, noisy and weird where as Reporter is more natural, fun and straightforward without being boring. Influences for both bands are completely different.

What are your top 3 tour moments?
1.The club we were playing in Oklahoma had an upstairs and downstairs and we were playing the downstairs and the Chip n Dales were performing upstairs. The Club employees snuck all the girls into the upstairs. It was a lot of little underwear, bowties and boots. Some really drunk girl zeroed in on us because we were hiding in the back looking terrified and she dragged me all the way to the front slapped a dollar in my hand and made a stripper dance with me. The other girls I was with almost died of laughter.

2. We spent Halloween in NYC and ended up having the funnest night ever. We first went from Brooklyn where we were staying with our friend Matt and met up with The Thermals to go to the Halloween parade. We attempted to see the parade but it was so insane with people and cops we couldn’t get by. So we all went drinking and then our band and Matt went back to Brooklyn to go to a party. At the party some girls that use to live in Portland recognized “Wet Confetti” and decided to be best friends with us for the night and got us a bottle of whiskey. Then all of us headed over to a second party that was really crazy. Dan (our guitarist) was instantly crowd surfing within 3 minutes of entering the party because some big guy just picked him up and threw him on the crowd! We all danced and jumped around like we were 16 again. Then when we decided to go out for fresh air some guy and girl were just having sex right there on the street. Then the guy that was just having sex decided to get in a fight with a bystander. Then the same guy decided he wanted to kill our friend Matt so we had to run! About a block away some random girls chase us down and ask us to go to another party with them and we were like “ya okay”, but then their really drunk friends (one dress as Joey Ramone, the other as teen wolf) showed up and were so drunk they were throwing themselves into piles of garbage so we decided maybe we shouldn’t hang out with these freaks and walked off. But when they finally noticed we had walked off they yelled, “Get em!” and we yelled “RUN!” and the chase began. We ran as fast as we could through the streets of Brooklyn until they stopped chasing us, which was about 3 city blocks. It was literally a scene out of 28 days later but with a lot more laughter and with Joey Ramone vs. a zombie. Then we grabbed burgers at a late night diner and called it a night!

3. Our Englewood Colorado show was really funny. We played first of three and the crowd was going insane for us. We had to stop the performance and ask if they thought we were The Thermals. It was really amazing.

Report your favorite bands you feel gaycondo readers should know about.
The Vanishing kids, The Dirty Mittens, Fist Fite, Kickball, The Fucking Ocean, Panda and Angel. Old Growth, Tu Fawning.

How did y’all hook up musically?
Through a classified ad. No joke

Any details you care to spill about your next release?
We have been recording our debut LP ourselves over the last few weeks and are so excited about the way it’s all coming together. We will go to a professional studio to mix but we are really enjoying recording everything ourselves. We’ll probably put it out late spring or so.


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