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Paul: Chloe Sevigny is the luckiest MF in the world…



I know I’ve been on a total music video kick lately, but you’re just going to have to roll with it until I get it out of my system. I know that the Lemonheads were kind of a shitty band, but for some reason I kind of like them anyway. I’m sure a significant part of that is the fact that Evan Dando is such dreamboat. sigh… While scoping out some of their old videos on Youtube and swooning over him I spotted Chloe Sevigny in the video for “Big Gay Heart”. Dando looks even more sexy than usual in this video, I’d never seen him with short hair before. I did a little research and it turns out this video was made in 1993, a couple of years before Chloe Sevigny became pseudo-famous starring in “Kids.” Anyway, here’s the video:

She was only 18 years old and had just moved to Brooklyn from her comfy suburban hometown in Connecticut. I don’t have the whole story, but I’m sure she only got to be in the video because she was such a total scenester. According to Wikipedia her whole career began when someone from Sassy magazine spotted her hanging out at a Brooklyn skate park and liked her style so much that they asked her to come intern there – giving her the opportunity to network with famous people. Who knows, had she not been at that skate park on that day, the world may have been deprived of her unquestionable style and talent. She may well have gotten married and moved back to Connecticut, where one day she’d brag to her kids about the time she was in a Lemonheads video.


Jon: Portland’s Official Mini-Bike Dance Troupe…..










The Sprockettes!!!

(that babe in the tutu is my super-friend Nickey)


Paul: I’m not sure why, but…

…my cats keep showing up in rock videos from the 90’s!
For those of you who don’t already know there are three cats that live at gaycondo: Alien, Predator, and Carlton. A couple months a go I was shocked to find a cat that looked exactly like Carlton in a Mary Timony video. I know some cats of the same color tend to look similar, but this was uncanny, the way he walked and everything was exactly like my cat. It blew my mind so much that I wrote a blog post about it.
Then, just the other day I stumbled across this Sonic Youth video for “Kool Thing” from back in like 1990, and the cat in it is a total dead ringer for Alien. It’s not just the looks either – it’s the mannersims and everything. This is what she looks like:


When you check out the video her kitty doppelganger first appears around 37 seconds, right around the line “kool thing, sitting with a kitty.” Maybe it was Alien’s great great grandmother or something. It’s a very interesting video, too. It really embodies the spirit of third-wave feminism in the early 90’s.


Keep It on the Brownlowe: We’re HOME!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably have noticed, Jon and myself have not been at gaycondo. In fact, we have been rocking out in our band, Swallows, in San Fransisco and Sacramento with Agent Ribbons.

Watch/Listen to our cover of Patti Smith’s “Distant Fingers”


While I couldn’t find a live version of Patti Smith’s original, I did find the song being played over a sumo wrestling video!!!


Paul: I love Chris Crocker, but…

…that outfit is not pretty.


I love a sissy as much as the next guy (probably a lot more) but someone needs to tell Chris Crocker that now that he’s a celebrity he can’t go out looking like this. The hair looks like a damn birds nest and pasty white girl’s don’t look good in yellow. Worst of all, no makeup!
This one’s a lot better. You can’t really see the clothes but the whole look seems a lot more classy and expen$$$ive.


Chris needs to find a gig that pays, I don’t know what you can make from a few gay-ass youtube videos (if anything) but I think he deserves to have a stylist a massive budget for clothes. It’s funny how Southern gay is so different than other places. You have to have a pretty thick skin and fuck-all attitude. That’s a big part of the reason I love Chris, if you’ve ever read the comments on his videos they’re full of tens of thousands of people saying awful stuff, some even threaten to kill him. Check out this video of him with his mom where they talk back to all the haters:


Paul: My Ideal TV Boyfriend…

…is some guy I’ve never heard of!
In case you haven’t noticed Jon and Em are out of town, meaning I get to post stupid shit like this whatever I want. Craig who runs one of our favorite blogs, Puntabulous, took the quiz also. I think my guy is way cuter.  


Paul: Juliana Hatfield victim of internet abuse!

…and another music video as a bonus!



 What’s Juliana Hatfield been up to the past 15 years? Well, for one thing she’s been consistently putting out records that I suppose somebody must be buying. And according to her website she’s been the target of fucked up internet imposters. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“Someone purporting to be ‘Juliana Hatfield’ is disseminating disturbing email messages, postings, and e-cards throughout the Internet.
Please ignore any and all unsolicited anti-Semitic, racist/fascist, or sexually perverted email or e-cards sent by ‘Juliana Hatfield.’ It is not coming from me.

This has, sadly, been going on for quite some time. I thought that if I ignored the problem, or at least didn’t acknowledge it publicly, the perpetrator would eventually get this sickness out of his/her system and move on to happier, healthier, more productive pursuits. I was wrong.

And now I feel I must issue this disclaimer, for the benefit of any of you who may yet be targeted: Please don’t open any unsolicited mail from
‘Juliana Hatfield’ if you don’t know me. Please don’t even look at this stuff.
It’s ugly and kind of heartbreaking.

Juliana Hatfield”

Geez, what a spazz! I wonder what they were saying? I doubt any non-retarded people actually believe that  the real Juliana Hatfield is out there posting nasty things. Or maybe she did it just so she could get attention and talk about how extremely upset she was about it on her official website. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Anyway, just for fun check out this video of her’s from 1995 for the unbelievably catchy song “Universal Heartbeat”!!!

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