Jon: Nike Air 2015…..


…or Nike Air McFly. Whatever. Still dorky/awesome.


The year is 1989, and what is maybe my favorite childhood movie is released, Back to the Future 2!! Every kid in America was  dying for a hover board. I remember there was this rumor, which at the time seemed completely legit, that hoverboards were real. Some toy company had perfected the technology and was getting ready to release them. I almost puked! IT NEVER HAPPENNED THOUGH! Apparently, according to the rumor,  the government had banned them because they were too dangerous. Some rich kid who got one pre-release had died, so they were shelved. Everyone in the 3rd grade was mega bummed because we just knew that somewhere on some shelf in a factory was the hoverboard that was supposed to be ours! (SIDENOTE: I was a 8 year old fag at the time, so I secretly wanted the pink scooter version that the little girl in the movie had. SHH! IT’S A SECRET!)

Well, I doubt we will ever have a chance to ride on a hoverboard in our lifetime. With global warming, it might be pointless anyway (“Hoverboards don’t work on water Mcfly!”). HOWEVER, things may be turning our way in the pursuit of another lusted after BTTF2 item.

A (maybe crazy) man named Al Cabino has started a petition to convince Nike to reproduce these iconic “kicks” (I feel wierd typing that without putting it in quotation marks). You can sign it at his website, The Mcfly 2015 Project. Apparently, he has already gathered over 27,000 signatures! Also, word on the street here in Portland (which, fyi, is where Nike is based) says that a prototype for the shoe has already been developed. That means it’s only a matter of time! Yay!

 Of course, we might soon find out that some snot nosed Richie McRichardson kid got a sample and accidentally strangled himself with the laces. So don’t get your hopes up just yet. These sneakers may join our childhood hoverboards on the governments recall list….


1 Response to “Jon: Nike Air 2015…..”

  1. 1 gaycondo
    February 4, 2008 at 11:07 am

    dying rich kids get whatever they want!

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