Jon: Word of the Week, Ab Etching. (seriously?)


…I joined a gym a month ago. Fuck it.

Many people work out to achieve the “six-pack” ab look. But sometimes even a good exercise program fails to provide that “perfectly toned” tummy. Now, some doctors are helping patients get the six-pack look through cosmetic surgery. The procedure is called ab etching.

Ab etching is done using liposuction. A long, hollow tube with a cutting edge (a cannula) and attached vacuum is placed through tiny incisions made in the abdomen. The surgeon moves the cannula under the skin, suctioning out enough fat to create “grooves” in target areas. Other areas of fat are left in place. (In some cases, a little extra fat may be moved into the untouched areas to emphasize the appearance of the fat pads.) When the procedure is completed, the abdominal area will have the six-pack look.

After the procedure, patients wear a support garment to control swelling. Pain medication may also be needed. Some patients may see changes as soon as the next day. However, it can take up to three months to obtain ultimate results. Patients are permitted to exercise again in about ten days to two weeks. For those who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, the results will be long-lasting. Complications of ab etching are uncommon and can include infection, bleeding and scarring.” – LINK


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