Jon: Get ready to throw away 30 minutes of your life….

….by working for google with out getting paid.

Early this afternoon, I was doing what I always do on Saturday mornings:

  • I woke up.
  • Didn’t shave.
  • Realized everyone else was at work.
  • Became lonely.
  • Started drinking (box) wine at noon.
  • Got drunk and looked at stupid stuff on the internet for three hours.

Exciting, I know! Well, while trudging around google, I found this “game” they have up that you can play. It is called Google Image Labeler. The concept is very simple:

  • You are randomly paired up with a stranger somewhere in the world.
  • You proceed to “label” random pictures from google image search for two minutes.
  • Everytime both you and your partner think of the same word, you win points!
  • yay!

This is, of course, just a way for google to increase the accuracy of there image search with out having to pay a bunch of people to participate in actual research studies. How tricky…

AND HOW FUN!!! I wasn’t able to stop playing until the neck and eye pain from staring at the computer  got too severe! TRY IT OUT! Oh, and by the way, I don’t recomend getting drunk off wine while you attempt to play this game. Hand eye coordination and cognitive brain functions are mildly important for winning.

Vagina Armpit Tattoo

PS: If you search for “google image labeler” in google image search, this is one of the first pictures that comes up! How gross/awesome! That’s like looking up the word dictionary in the actual dictionary, and there just being a picture of  an adorable kitten in a basket.


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