Paul: Pink Divorcing Douchebag Husband…

…now she can finally start dating women!


     While I am definately not a fan of her music I really like Pink. She’s definately a complete original, and like Mariah Carey I’ll never buy her albums but I’m damn glad she’s out there. Another reason she’s great is that she’s so obviously gay. I’m not really sure why she married that BMX guy, perhaps he’s a fag and they both thought it would hurt their careers if people found out. Anyway, now that she’s single I think I’ve found the perfect girlfriend for her, fellow closet-case Kendra Wilkinson from the Girls Next Door. If you’re not all that familiar with Kendra check out my previous post about her here. Playboy’s attorneys haven’t asked me to cease and desist for that yet, cross your fingers Pink will lay off also. I think I’ll be okay because when it comes to defamation the rule is you only sue if it isn’t true.


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