Em Brownlowe

Jon and I are on tour in San Francisco so we decided to stop off at MOMA!

The highlights for me included a series by Nicholas Nixon entitled, “The Brown Sisters”. For 30 years Nixon took a photograph of four sisters in the same standing order. I found this project very interesting because you could see how each woman aged over time.


The other work that affected me and inspired me the most was a video installation by Rineke Dijkstra who set up her video camera in an isolated room in a techno dance club in England and Holland. She filmed young adults individually dancing, smoking and hanging around to juxtapose their perceived sense of self and what the audience is able to communicate from “their actions.

This girl starts off shy and reserved but then becomes a dancing machine…

This next girl was my favorite because I felt she was really attached to the macho/serious side of dancing but every now and then she would dance off beat, catch herself, smile inwardly and then re-create the facade.

I couldn’t find a video of it online but my other favorite footage was of a shaved head “tough-guy” who comes up close in front of the camera and sadly smokes a cigarette. In contrast to the other videos of people dancing and trying to look cool, I felt this short segment was honest and seemed as if the boy was taking a break from his persona in the outside world and was able to show the camera his true self… Or maybe that was what he was hoping for us to perceive him as…a sensitive ex tough guy.



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