Paul: I’m not sure why, but…

…my cats keep showing up in rock videos from the 90’s!
For those of you who don’t already know there are three cats that live at gaycondo: Alien, Predator, and Carlton. A couple months a go I was shocked to find a cat that looked exactly like Carlton in a Mary Timony video. I know some cats of the same color tend to look similar, but this was uncanny, the way he walked and everything was exactly like my cat. It blew my mind so much that I wrote a blog post about it.
Then, just the other day I stumbled across this Sonic Youth video for “Kool Thing” from back in like 1990, and the cat in it is a total dead ringer for Alien. It’s not just the looks either – it’s the mannersims and everything. This is what she looks like:


When you check out the video her kitty doppelganger first appears around 37 seconds, right around the line “kool thing, sitting with a kitty.” Maybe it was Alien’s great great grandmother or something. It’s a very interesting video, too. It really embodies the spirit of third-wave feminism in the early 90’s.


1 Response to “Paul: I’m not sure why, but…”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    February 29, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    That’s kind of an odd song, as Kim is alternately pleading with and chiding… LL Cool J. I mean all the references are to him: “Radio,” “Walking with a Panther,” and then her n Chuck D asking him of he’s gonna help fight corporate white male oppression.

    LL decided instead to make baaaad movies and a sitcom or two. Oh well.

    One of the greatest feuds ever was, of course, Kool Moe D and LL. I guess it started when Kool Moe made this album where, in the liner notes, he wrote out report cards (!!) to all MCs, and he took LL to task for claiming to be the best rapper ever. I think it resulted in him giving an LL a “D” in some area like “originality” or something. Interestingly, the rest of the grades he gave LL were high. The only really low-scoring MCs were The Boogie Boys. I think they got across-the-board Ds or Fs. Robert Christgau, the reviewer, also trashed them.
    …of course, these two things make me wish I’d heard The Boogie Boys. I never did. Maybe they’re on YouTube? *goes to look*

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