Paul: SNL appearances now a requirement for Presidential candidates…

…has this gotten out of hand?
    I know it’s cliche to even bring it up, but we should really take a look at ourselves and the way we choose candidates in this country. If you didn’t hear yet Hillary Clinton was on SNL last night, and I can’t personally blame her since her campaign is struggling in large part because she’s been battling negative stereotypes out there about her in the media. We’re all familiar with her image, the ice-queen bitch. People from all political persuasions are influenced by it. Even people who are very liberal and agree with her on a number of policy issues have this idea that she’s not genuine and can’t be trusted. I think it’s a lot harder for her as a woman since none have ever run for President before. Her clothes, hair, and everything else have to be carefully planned to make her look tough and competent, but not bitchy or castrating. In this regard I think she’s done an impeccable job, but I hope that in the not too distant future we’ll have another woman candidate who will have a much easier time of it. With that said, I guess Hillary almost has to go on SNL and make fun of herself.
Obama is no stranger to this shit either, but I think that in a lot of ways the media works in his favor. For one thing they haven’t been dealing with him for the past 15+ years so there aren’t all these old stories and stereotypes to draw on – he doesn’t have to reinvent himself the way that she does. At the same time it’s just a given that he would appear on SNL and dance on Ellen, people eat this shit up. It’s really become expected, and I think it comes at the expense of real popular understanding of policy issues. Back in 1992 Bill Clinton was on Mtv and people flipped the fuck out about it, but it was a “Rock the Vote” sort of thing that was legitimately trying to educate young voters. Today there’s not any sense that the political process is too important to be equated with pop culture. I think that in the general election this shit will tone itself down since John McCain is a fucking dinosaur and there’s no way SNL will have him anyway.


2 Responses to “Paul: SNL appearances now a requirement for Presidential candidates…”

  1. March 3, 2008 at 1:42 am

    well said, well said. the clinton snl bit was truly painful for me to watch, and i refuse to watch the obama ellen appearance. call me old and fuddy-duddy, but i just don’t think it’s cute to watch other old people dance.

  2. 2 Bill
    March 7, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Surprisingly I like Hillary (though much less after SC). You know who else has said good things about her?………..Newt Gingrich! Yes, it is true. Hillary has done a remarkable job about reaching across the aisle and making friends while ironically Obama has not. Oddly enough this is not the message we get in the media. Hmmm. Oh, and you forgot the Huckster (Huckabee) got on SNL too. Probably because Norris forced it on them. Cheers.

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