Jon: My secret love affair…

…with the ladies of “Globe Trekker”

Between the years of 2001 and 2003 I lived in Massachusetts and didn’t have cable. I did, however, have a set of bunny ears for my TV which picked up exactly one channel: PBS. When I was bored I would watch PBS in marathon format. It didn’t matter what it was, I would literally watch anything (even Charlie Rose… *yawn*). I had my favorites of course. I would go without food for Antique Roadshow. I would cancel plan’s with friend’s in order to see History Detectives. But of all the shows on PBS I watched, Globe Trekker was my favorite. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must be pretty lame. 

The premise is simple. The show is a travel guide to different regions of the world. Each episode features a travel guide, and it is their unique view on the the travel destination that gives the show it’s real heart. There are maybe about 15 different hosts, but only three of them are regulars.  The most popular of these three is Ian Wright, a snarky British man who used to be cute, but as of late has started to just look kind of haggard and old. Personally, I could take him or leave him. My true passion for the show lies in watching the two main female hosts, Megan McCormick and Justine Shappiro.

But why do I love them??? 

Megan McCormick

Megan McCormick Megan McCormick 

Megan McCormick




Megan McCormick is fucking sweet as pie. She primarily travels through major cities and eats weird food and shops. I am in love with her. She treats everyone she meets respectfully and honestly seems to pass no judgement. Here is a video of her shopping and pretending she likes these shoes even though they are hideous:

And why, you may ask yourself, does she act like these shoes are hot shit? Because she is better than the rest of us, that’s why. Normally, I hate people who are better, more selfless human beings than me.

What can I say, it’s just who I am.

But, for whatever reason, Megan doesn’t irritate me with her sinscere kindness. I can’t really explain it, but when I watch her, all I can think is that I want her to be my friend and accept me and tell me I am good.

Megan McCormick is like the most popular girl in school, and I love her because she reminds me of what I am not but one day may be.

Justine ShapiroJustine Shapiro Justine Shapiro

Justine Shapiro




Justine Shapiro is a fucking asshole. She primarily travels through small villages and places of deep cultural and historical signifigance. And then she snarkly judges them. I hate her. She treats everyone she meets with disdain and an eyeroll. The sound of her voice as she sarcastically degrades the heritage and cultural norms of those around her is grating and irritating.  Here is a video of her trying to dance (for extra points, noitice how ugly her shoes are…)

(sorry, that wasn’t very representational of her normal behavior. I tried to find one of her being really judgemental, but this was the only video of her on youtube)

And why, you may ask yourself, do I continue to watch her when she is so tastless?? Because she is just like me! Plop me down in some weird-ass country where they eat animal brains and and pee squating and I would be just as judgemental and snarky. For example, when Justine rolled her eyes at Chinese people for burning money as a sacrafice to a god, I was rolling my eyes and thinking “These people are so stupid”. When  Justine outright tells people that eating dogs is fucked up, I’m thinking that eating a dog is fucked up!

I love Justine because she is completely self centered, has no tact, and is frequently a total Debbie Downer. Justine is the unpopular girl at the party who refuses to do a keg stand.

In other words, Justine is just like me……. and I love her!


3 Responses to “Jon: My secret love affair…”

  1. 1 Josh Rodriguez
    March 10, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    I love Globe Trekker! Megan is adorable and entertaining. As for Justine, I haven’t really perceived her as sassy and judgmental as you have. I might add, though, that that scene in which she shakes her, um, stuff and grinds up against a local man in a Carnival parade was pretty disturbing. I’m all for cultural experiences but put some clothes on, girl.

  2. 2 The Bearded Traveler
    March 10, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    I get together with my friend Kyle every week for Roadshow.
    For my birthday last year, he got me the AR antique guide book.

    …we often watch a bit drunk and stoned
    … but I mean, it’s still a great show.
    We’ve watched it sober some of the time.
    And I don’t watch much TV.

  3. 3 briantravelman
    August 4, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Okay! First of all I like to say, that I am a big fan of Justine and I didn’t appreciate you calling her an asshole and saying all that negative stuff about her! Personally, I don’t think she’s an asshole, I think she’s nice to everyone she meets (unless they’re mean to her)! And from all the stuff I’ve seen with her, I’ve never seen her insult anyone! But I did not see that dog episode! It was in Korea, wasn’t it? Anyways, I have to say that I also agree 100% that eating dogs is wrong, and it’s sick! There is certain stuff that just should not be eaten, and that’s one of them! So I’m really happy she told them that! If I saw a group of Koreans BBQing a dog, I would tell them the same thing! So, you tell ‘em Justine! That’s one of the things I love about her, is she’s not afraid to speak her mind! If she doesn’t like something she’ll tell you! Just like me! It said on the internet that “she is well known for her honest critique of the countries she visits.” One thing I don’t understand though is why she said that if she said in an interview, that Americans need to adjust to the way things work in the country they’re visiting, not the other way around! I also agree with that 100%, which is why I don’t understand why she would say that, but she is a bit of a hippie! Anyways, like I said I’m happy she said that! I don’t believe that she insults the locals everywhere she goes! Maybe it did happened once or twice, but who hasn’t done it? It’s gonna happened occasionally. I even do it sometimes. Sometimes without even realizing it. And people have done it to me too. It’s really no big deal. It’s gonna happened occasionally, especially when you see something sick like dogs being eaten. And I know that most of the hosts on Globe Trekker, even Ian Wright and Megan McCormick have also done it a couple times. It’s no big deal. And I don’t think it’s fair to call Justine an asshole! No one is perfect! Anyways, I think Justine is really awesome, and really funny, and she always makes me laugh with her funny jokes. I would love to meet her some day and talk about traveling.


    P.S. Sorry if I insulted you by writing this, but I had to do it otherwise this wouldn’t stop bothering me! And it’s not just about her! I had to write it to feel better about myself, because I also have a crush on her, and I didn‘t want your statement to change my opinion of her, which it hasn‘t! So if I insulted you, I’m sorry!

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