Jon: I’m so petty….

…but I can’t help but be jealous of people who are more successful than me!


You know that blog. You know the one. It’s all about people with fair complections and the things that most of them seem to enjoy.

What you’re still drawing a blank???

OK. Apparently you live under a rock and need me to spell it out… geez.

I’m talking about that blog called “Stuff White People Like”. My friend Nickey clued me in on it, but I guess I was the last to get the memo about it because it has gotten over 10.5 million hits. That’s pretty impressive huh? You know what is more mind boggling?

It didn’t exist untill two weeks after Gaycondo went online!!!

That’s 175,000 hits a day!!!

Listen, I know you love us. I know that you think that we are witty and smart and interesting and pretty. I get it.  I know you read this blog at least 10 times a day….. and I appreciate it. But here’s the thing: I’m going to need you to work a little harder on that, okay? We have fragile egos here. So if you could get on top of making us one of wordpress’s top five blogs by, oh I don’t know, how does this Saturday sound, that would be fantastic.


ps:Just Kidding!! (sort of….)


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