Jon: I am an amazing artist…..

and so can you!!!

Before and After Pictures

 “Art” by Jon Miller (2008)

I just found out about this amazing online time-suck called The Scribbler. It makes it so that even the drawing impaired like myself can “make” amazing pieces that could easily trick someone who wasn’t wearing glasses into thinking that there was so sort of actual artistic talent involved! Yay!

All you have to do is create a simple line art drawing, tweak a couple of knobs, and push start. Bizarely, most of the time the end results of the scribbler are creepily reminiscent of the dark asthetic of Tim Burton. They all have that very “Nightmare Before Christmas angsty-goth-kid drawing in the margins of their textbook during fifth period home economics” feel to them.

The one above is mine and below are some thumbnail examples from the Scribbler Gallery. I especially like the creepy/cute elephant.

Scribbler     Scribbler     Scribbler



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