Paul: Dina McGreevy not such a victim after all…

…New Jersey just got even more trashy!
liar.jpgFormer New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy and his wife, Dina, are currently embroiled in a nasty divorce. You may have seen or heard her lately on talk shows. She’s pimping out her lame-ass book in light of the recent events with Elliot Spitzer. If you remember McGreevy’s resignation speech, Dina looked remarkably cheerful standing by her man when you consider the circumstances, especially considering her claim that she had learned about her hubby’s homosexual tendencies recently along with everyone else. This was a sharp contrast to Spitzer’s wife, who looked she wanted to rip his throat out. It turns out that Dina’s nothing more than a media whore out to make a buck. She claims never to have had any idea that her hubby was a gay-wad, and she’s been blabbing the same sob story all over the place to sell copies of her book.

It turns out that she wasn’t quite so innocent and clueless after all. Back when McGreevy was still Mayor of Woodbridge Township and in the New Jersey Senate, the couple had regular three-ways with his aide/driver, Theodore Pederson. If your husband needs another dude in the bed to get off, that should be a pretty big clue, no? I guess the McGreevys like ’em young. He is kind of pederson.jpgcute, though. Anyway, their routine would be a big dinner at TGI Friday’s followed by hot sex. This is kind of gross, for those uninitiated in the ins an outs of anal sex (which I’m sure was part of their repetoire) as the last thing you want to do beforehand is eat a big greasy-ass meal.

Gross farts kind of kill the mood, no? 

Anyway, Pederson decided to come clean about all this with the press because of his disapproval of the way Dina’s been profiting off her good-girl/victim image. I’m not sure why he felt the need to include their patronage of TGI Friday’s (did they pay him for that?) because it really has nothing to do with the story at all. Any self-respecting aide would expect a much classier meal before putting out with their politician boss. Anyway, Dina should be really be ashamed of herself for exploiting the situation. She’s not fooling me, she totally knew he was a fag . Jim McGreevy says she knew before they even got married and either chose to ignore it or didn’t care. I guess I might still buy her book, but only if it’s on sale.  

via Dlisted


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