Paul: Cheetos make me wanna vomit….

…and so do these commercials!

     Cheetos has this new ad campaign where they’ve fabricated this thing called the “orange underground” that basically promotes cheetos-related pranks and chicanery. I guess the message is that cheetos are really transgressive and liberating, makes total sense, right? Anyway, Chester Cheetah is in them and I think he’s kind of like the devil or something.

     I have to admit, the cheetos in the drier is pretty good. Using cheetos for stuff like that is about all they’re good for since they’re way too gross to eat. That second one is workplace bullying, though, and that’s not cool. There’s a whole section on Youtube of people doing similar pranks -they’re fucking stupid though, so don’t go watch them. I think this whole bullshit marketing thing is going to backfire, though. Cheetos are for Britney Spears and people with low self esteem who need to fill a void with junk food (i.e. poor people…just kidding! [only sort of]) Anybody dumb enough to buy cheetos because of this deserves to die a horrible cheetos-related death (i.e heart disease and obesity.)

Don’t Eat Cheetos!!!



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