Jon: Artist Kiki Smith…


…conjures the creative and destructive sides of nature.

Kiki Smith Scupture




     kiki4.jpg          kiki7.jpg           kiki2.jpg          Kiki Smith Etching Deer

I was first exposed to multi-medium artist Kiki Smith when I saw one of her larger than life animal etchings at The Portland Art Museum a few months ago. I found her over all aesthetic striking. Smith’s female forms are frequently described as challenging the normilization of the sexualized female form. Though Smith’s characters can rarely be desribed as ugly (*ahem*… excluding of course our dear friend the wolf girl), their nude forms never speak to a sexual reading.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was lucky enough to get to catch one of her sculptures at Moma (it is image number two in the middle row). The crouching woman is attached to the vertical wall, creating a disorienting viewpoint. This particular piece makes a heavy statement about the way in which women are normally portrayed in sculptures. Smith is literally turning the viewers perception of the female body upside down.

Here is a kind of creepy video of Kiki Smith talking about her work:


FUN FACT: L-Word fans might recognize Smith’s etching of a deer pictured above in the third row. On the show, Bette owns it, but is forced to sell it when she is unemployed!


1 Response to “Jon: Artist Kiki Smith…”

  1. March 22, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    i love her etchings. so good.

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