Jon: Random Notes…


…on some stuff about stuff.

1.) As regular readers of this blog know, Cydwoq makes maybe my favorite shoes ever. Their styles are modern day interpretations of classic “old world” themes.

I love the dye process they use, which involves only vegetable based dyes, and results in what a co-worker of mine affectionately refers to as “zombie skin”. Anyway, they just recently debuted several new styles, and if any of you rich Gaycondo superfans want to buy me this pair ($285) in a size 46 that would be fantastic!




2.) Remeber the other day? When I said that the “gayest thing ever” was a video of Edith Beale dancing edited together with the song “Hung Up” by Madonna? Well, I rescind.


A few months ago, I turned 25 and had a bit of a quarter-life reevaluation, which of course ended in me deciding that I must start exercising a.s.a.p….

Then, in a completely unrelated event, Paul and I decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas.

Which means I have to wear a swim suit.

In about 2 weeks!

Well, I have been doing a lot of sit ups to prepare. I was starting to feel like my workout had plateaued (I promise, even after saying that last sentence, I am not a douche bag), so I wanted to find a way to add resistance. It turns out that the only heavy “free weight” type thing I own is books (see? not a douche…), and the heaviest of them is Taschen’s “Fashion” which is a 15 lb behemoth! The two book, hard cover, 12 inch wide, 600+ page set is a fucking AMAZING collection of images from the Kyoto Costume Institute. If you are interested in fashion or design, it is a must read.

So, yeah. I hold these books behind my head and work on my abs….

And that’s the gayest thing ever.


3.) Speaking of our trip to Las Vegas….

We have never been to Las Vegas together before! Have you? Comment on what we should do on the cheap while we are there….

I think I’ve already convinced Paul that we need to see The Thunder From Down Under by the way…








Is that drunky water?

4.) And that is just part one of the Waverly Films classic, The Puppet Rapist. There are 5 more on youtube for you to see…


5.) Guess what?? I kind of copied the idea for this post from Craig over at one of my all time favorite blogs, Puntabulous. Go now! Read it every day!


5 Responses to “Jon: Random Notes…”

  1. April 15, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Cheap to-do’s in Vegas:
    Get off the strip for a few hours and thrift shop.
    Find “Johnny Taco’s”, and get your picture taken in front of it.
    Dress up in your finest rat pack clothes and play the nickel slots.
    Wake up in time to see the sunrise over the desert.
    Read a biography of a depraved celebrity by the pool. ( I chose George Jones )

  2. April 15, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Go over to “old town” and drink $1 margaritas.
    Get married by Skinny Elvis. Get divorced by Fat Elvis.
    Randomly hold up people’s hands and say “Mikey’s the big winner! Mikey wins!”
    Head off the strip and marvel at the poverty.

  3. 3 Kyle
    April 15, 2008 at 10:23 am

    Those Taschen fashion books are heavy as hell….they are the text books for my students and I make them lug them around all the time…I’m making them healthier! You should stay at the Tropicana, its pretty cheap…I like to walk around the fancy shops in the Bellagio and the Wyn and try on fancy clothes and jewels. You have to dress nicely so they think you’re rich, but there’s nothing like trying on some Gucci or Tiffany’s when you can’t afford it…if you want to take in a good show that is a little pricier, I’d say go see Zumanity by Cirque over in New York, New York. It is quite wonderful and crazy sexy!

  4. April 15, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    i love vegas! so jealous! i second getting off the strip. the thrift stores there can be am-az-ing since they aren’t all picked-over by hipsters. as for gambling and drinking, i actually prefer downtown las vegas to the strip for that. i tend to win more money there and there is this little casino/bar called “la bayou” where they have frozen drinks that will knock you on your ass. seriously. i don’t know if you guys drink, but most of the giant frozen drinks you will find (very popular there) will give you heartburn and make you sad, but the ones at la bayou are delish (except the pina colada). get the extra shot of everclear if you really want to have a night.

    oh, but you definitely need to spend some time on the strip. duh, it’s so fun! the buffets at paris, wynn, and aladdin are ridiculous, if you want to be a fattie… just buy a bigger book when you get back!

  5. 5 gaycondo
    April 15, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    thanks for the tips. la bayou is definately on the itinerary

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