*RERUN* “Jon: I’m on Fire!!” (original air date: 1/4/8)

Guess what?? Paul and I are on vacation for the next week, so I thought I would treat you to some of my favorite early Gaycondo moments rerun style! Most of you haven’t seen these, so it’s new to you anyway. Enjoy!

My fiance makes me neurotic somtimes….
So, last night I woke up sweating, pushing my blankets away from me into a pile by my feet. This is because Paul is an ice cube, and has recently decided that all windows must be shut at night and that our fan must be turned down to “medium” (!!). It was terrible. When I woke up, my synapsis were a mess, and somehow in my confusion my brain translated “I’m warm” into “Our (gay) condo is on fire!!!”.

After about 3 seconds, I figured out that I was just sweating, but unfortunately, I also realized WE DON’T OWN A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Panic set in. As a first time home owner, this is just something that doesn’t occur to you until you have a panic attack at 3AM.

While laying awake (and resenting Paul for being deep asleep) I decided that the most likely place for a fire to begin was the water heater in the basement. I trudged down the stairs in my (seriously hot and sweaty) undies to inspect. What did I find?:

Jon on Fire!

Oh no! Who designs these warnings?! I freaked out and imagined:

Today I’m going to buy a fire extinguisher…..

 (Ed. Note 4/23/08: I still haven’t bought one yet….)


1 Response to “*RERUN* “Jon: I’m on Fire!!” (original air date: 1/4/8)”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    April 24, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    classic magic

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