*Rerun* “Paul: Chloe (Don’t Call Me a Model) Sevigny” (original airdate 3/13/08)

Me and Jon are gaying it up in Vegas, so enjoy this post from a while back!

…more about the lucky bitch.
In case you didn’t read my recent post about Ms. Sevigny, please check it out here. I just happened upon this amazing music video in which she stars. It’s for “I Feel Like the Mother of the World” by Smog. It’s really amazingly well acted by her. The man on the tv in it is Bill Callahan, who is Smog. It’s wierd that I never saw this before since I’ve been a fan of both of them for years. Anyway, here it is!

Apparently Sevigny gets infuriated when people refer to her as “model” or “style icon” Chloe Sevigny. She prefers to be known for her acting, which she is admittedly quite talented at, but how can she blame people for thinking of her ties to fashion when she’s always going out in the most over-the-top, amazing clothes? Just take a look at these examples:

chloe.jpg        chloe-5.jpg       chloe-6.jpg
Clearly she’s hot shit, people make fun of her but I think she looks great and is simply ahead of the curve. She is definately on the fringe when it comes to the movie-roles she takes (there’s no Oscar for best blow-job), and her fashion sense is no different. She even designs her own clothing line for Opening Ceremony. I think it’s great, especially the gingham slacks. If millions of people bitch and moan about how fugly you look when you go out, you must be doing something right… right? Anyway, check out this video where she discusses the aesthetic of her line, which seems to be very much inspired by 90’s alterna-teens. This is something regular readers of my posts will already know appeals to me.


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