KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Bridging the Bering Strait

Em Brownlowe

The Discovery Channel aired a program called “Bridging the Bering Strait”. Technology really blows my mind. People are actually fathoming building a bridge in one of the most harsh arctic climates on Earth. This global highway would join US and Europe allowing people to drive from Alaska to Siberia in under an hour. The Bridge would essentially connect The Western Hemisphere with the Eastern Hemisphere, making it possible to drive from North America to Europe, Asia and Africa.

With today’s outlandish gas prices why the eff would such an idea even be proposed?. One of the obvious motives for this bridge is the fact that Siberia holds tons of oil and natural gas resources underneath it’s desolate grounds. By tapping into the well, the United States oil dependency would continue, except we wouldn’t have to deal with the Middle East’s drama and would have an enormous supply closer to home.

The 105 Billion dollar design would feature 3 levels, one for cars and trucks, a middle section for high speed trains and a third level for oil pipelines. Similar to the Great Wall of China, this bridge would be seen from outer space. Since both sides of the bridge would basically end on nothing (uh, rural Alaska and barren Siberia) 4,000 miles of new highway would be built into central Europe and through Alaska leading to the bridge.

I’m still not too keen on the idea…The weather conditions are extremely harsh, sometimes reaching 135 degrees below 0F. Think of the people who would have to build this thing, if they didn’t have the proper clothing they could die in such temperatures in under a minute. I can also see horrible nightmares forming as people drive across the bridge with violent waters full of ice caps in an environment “utterly hostile to human life”…
Save it for the movies, perhaps?


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