*Rerun* “Guest Blogger Nickey: Chunky Pam…” (Original Airdate: 03/25/08)

Guess what?? Paul and I are on vacation for the next week, so I thought I would treat you to some of my favorite early Gaycondo moments rerun style! Most of you haven’t seen these, so it’s new to you anyway. Enjoy!


….is not so chunky after all.

Chunky PamThe first time I saw a Chunky Pam video I thought “holy crap, who is this hot chubster rapping on the internets!?” She was a viral phenom, and the songs are really catchy. The first two videos were produced as MTV promos (one for Christmas, one for Valentine’s Day). They have insanely high production values, including sexy male backup dancers and blinged out junk food. The third video, which appeared last summer, seems a lot more DIY. It’s called Dirty Jerzy, and all members of Gay Condo love it, especially Jon(who grew up there).
However, once I actually paid attention to what Chunky Pam was singing about, I was kind of offended. In “Merry XXXLMas” and “Pampered” she mostly raps about how much she loves to eat junk food. We so rarely see fat women sexualized in our culture, I like Chunky Pam just because she’s undeniably hot while being unabashedly fat. But, then, she also falls into the same old traps that most other media about fat peopledoes- she’s the butt of a joke about how much fat people love to eat. Dirty Jerzy is really just about New Jersey, though, and when I pointed out to Jon that Pam is eating a huge meal in a diner during the video he said “But that’s what everyone does in New Jersey!”
Geremy and MeredithThe strangest thing about Pam, though, is that she isn’t real. The actress that plays her is Ashlie Atkinson, a member of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. She’s been on Rescue Me, had a pilot on Showtime, and appeared in a fat suit (!!) in an Off-Broadway play called Fat Pig. In an interview in AmaZe Magazine she talks about only wanting to play positive fat roles, so I guess she feels ok about Chunky Pam’s love of milkshakes.
The other two people behind Chunky Pam are Geremy Jasper, the slim, male lead singer of The Fever, a mediocre New York indie-rock band and Meredith DiMenna, lead singer of Saint Bernadette. Meredith is the voice behind Pam and Geremy wrote the lyrics. Knowing a skinny man and an average sized woman are the reality behind Pam, it definitely makes me love her less. America seriously needs more fat babes. Only a jerky bro could say Pam isn’t hot. Even if you’re not into fat, she’s still one very attractive lady.

Too bad the most famous fat babe of the past year was actually a joke created by thin people.




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