Paul: Gas Tax Holiday…

… a royally stupid idea.

We here at gaycondo recently got our ballots in the mail and upon seeing it I felt very conflicted about my choice for the democratic nominee. Oregon’s primary is May 20, but we have a vote by mail system where ballots go out a few weeks early. I thought that I would wait until the last minute to make my pick. That was until I heard Hillary Clinton’s disastrous idea to get rid of the federal gas tax over the summer months.

To me this is foolish pandering to voters – such a proposal would never make it through congress anyway. Her proposal would have the oil companies make up the difference, which sounds like an okay idea considering their massive profits. At the same time an 18.4 cent/gallon break for a couple of months isn’t likely to make a significant difference for many people. It’s a band-aid and a cheap attempt to win votes when a very serious problem exists. Gas taxes help pay for the maintenance of roads and bridges, and putting those funds in jeopardy risks more situations like the bridge collapse in Minnesota. If anything we should raise it.

Barack Obama has been right on in his rejection of the gas tax holiday, saying it would save people very little and be a step backwards in reducing our reliance on foreign oil. We need to get the Hummers off the road and get behind bikes and public transportation. In 2000 Clinton spoke against repealing the federal gas tax, and her current position raises questions for me about her integrity on environmental issues. I expect this kind of crap from John McCain, but Clinton is smart enough to know that this is a worthless proposal. I think it will ultimately backfire on her big time. I am mailing in my ballot with a vote for Barack Obama, and I feel pretty darn good about it.  


1 Response to “Paul: Gas Tax Holiday…”

  1. May 6, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    a) re this post: THANK GOD!
    b) i know you guys don’t often blog about super-personal things, but do you really think you can get away without telling us all about your big vegas vacay? unless i missed something, i want DETAILS!


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