Paul: Primary Day…

…is a wonderful day!

I hope I haven’t been posting too much about politics lately, but I have to express my excitement at the way the primary went down this year. Mayoral candidate Sam (Silver Fox) Adams recieved more than 50% of the vote, meaning he will be the next mayor of Portland. Barack Obama is achieving a solid victory over Hillary Clinton, there is no doubt at this point that he will be the nominee. I think that both are great candidates but Obama is the right man for the time for a number of reasons. He is more likely to generate innovative and different solutions to the very serious problems that this country has. Adams is also much more well positioned than his opponent to get things done and make this city a better place than it already is. Obama spoke downtown at the waterfront this weekend and some estimates place the number of attendees at 75,000, this is astounding. I was working and couldn’t make it, but here is a clip of him talking ;about his transportation and energy policy; I can’t imagine something like this coming from Clinton’s mouth. 



1 Response to “Paul: Primary Day…”

  1. 1 EM
    May 20, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    EFF YEAH! I CERTAINLY BARACKED THE VOTE.. Portland is an idealistic city. it is great that he is recognizing the true facts about why we are “The City That Works”…hopefully our reliant public transit and the encouragment of local/community based products/participation and awesome bike transit will seep into the general population of the USA so they can TAKE BACK THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES!!!!!

    ps…. i work about 1/4 a mile from the waterfront and while the traffic did sort of slow my commute to work on my scooter on that day, i was luckily enough to weave through all the big cars (and get 70+) miles a gallon…once I got to work i was told the line was stretched pass the art museum and up to PSU….which is awesome because A. I would never want to be the one waiting in a line that long and B. it is so rad that people would wait in that line…even if they never got in…just to support THE FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE US.

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