SWALLOWS: ATTN: Portland People


ATTENTION PORTLAND PEOPLE…and those of the greater NW who wouldn’t mind driving to Portland:

Swallows (Jon/Em) would LOVE to invite our loyal gaycondo readers to our big show this weekend. We are playing with some incredible acts including Agent Ribbons, Cat Fancy! and DJ Nate C. There will even be two burlesque performers, Moxie Stunner and Starla Silverstein, doing some sexy dances during a Swallows song and an Agent Ribbons song. Best of all? The next day is Memorial Day, therefore, those of you who have regular, non-service industry jobbi-jobs can stay out late and party!



This Sacramento duo churns out a sassy and sultry blend of 50s pop, cabaret and even a little Patsy Cline country through a garage rock sound that gets a crowd going. -Ian Schuler, MINI LIFE

LISTEN to “Obituary”:


Swallows is one of those cute-as-a-button indie bands with which the Northwest is so abundantly blessed. Describing and labeling a band’s music is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall, but Swallows is roughly branded as experimental indie-pop with a post-riot grrrl vibe. – Just Out Magazine
LISTEN to “Wait Until Dark” :


Portland local, Cat Fancy!, makes lo-fi feminist space trash channeling British riot grrrl legend, Huggy Bear.
LISTEN to “One Lump Or Two”:


Spinning an eclectic mix of indie, rock, pop, experimental and metal with an emphasis on female artists.

Featuring 2 Burlesque performers doing live choreography!!!:


Ms. Silverstein is fortunate to have her performances choreographed posthumously by the great Agnes DeMille, channeled through a talented local medium. Tonight, she will be doing a live performance while Agent Ribbon plays their lonesome prostitute waltz, “La Noche”.


Fluent in many styles including ballet, jazz, modern, & lyrical, Ms. Stunner will heat up the room with a live dance to Swallows’ queer anthem, “I’d Like To Be Your Man”.


2 Responses to “SWALLOWS: ATTN: Portland People”

  1. 1 Arthur and Amy
    May 23, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Yeah, it’s easy to eat healthy when a chef cooks, then hands the food to an indentured servant who chews the calories out before it gets to you.

  2. 2 Arthur and Amy
    May 23, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    That of course, was mean’t to go into the Oprah post. I drank a pint of gasoline when I was twelve.

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