Paul: All is Not Well at the Playboy Mansion…

…polygamy doesn’t work, even when you’re under a multi-million dollar contract!

Apparently shooting The Girls Next Door has become difficult lately because of fighting between Holly and Kendra. Holly is like a creepy robot Stepford Wife, and everyone at the mansion hates her guts. I used to think that all her talk about marriage and babies with Hugh Hefner was just for the camera, but now I’m not so sure. I mean seriously, that’s just sick!

The word is that she’s been trying to run everything and has been damanding more and more control of the magazine which is pissing everyone off. Kendra hates her more than anyone, and apparently the two can’t even be in the same room with one another for more than a few minutes before they start going at it! This apparently makes it very difficult to shoot the show, but I think it would be much more interesting if they just filmed the cat-fights. It’s a “reality” show, right? I’m on Kendra’s side here, at least with her you know that she’s only there for the money (pssst, she’s a total dyke).

Plus she’s not as stupid as she looks. Supposedly she’s looking to get out of her contract and the mansion as soon as possible. I have no doubt that she’ll have some marginal D-list career post-Playboy, but as for the others everyone’s going to forget their sorry asses within 6 months.   

Also, please check out my earlier post about what a big old dyke Kendra is. click here!!!!!!!!!!!!


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