SWALLOWS: Remix Sneak Peak

Hello everyone! We are super excited to announce the pre-release sneak peak of “When You’re In Love” with Remixes by Y-TRON single! Please download + keep his down n’ dirty beats and listen to more of his work!

01. When You’re In Love :: Original Swallows version
02. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Ripped Out Single Edit
03. Language Is Restless :: Y-TRON’s Booty Earthquakes Remix
04. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Ripped Out Remix (extended version)
05. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Spaced Out Remix
Artwork (300dpi)

[To save on a PC: right click and save. On a Mac, click the link / Go to File / Save Page As]

This digital EP is a sneak peak at the upcoming Swallows remix collection, Loud Machines, featuring more from Y-TRON, Radio Sloan (featuring Team Gina), Raised by Television, Sea Otter, Pallaton, The Artificial Sea and a couple of surprises from Swallows! This collection will be shared as a digital album through MINI LIFE and possibly a short run of physical copies for you to have and to hold.


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