Paul: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Perez Hilton…

…they tell them to read Gaycondo instead.

I am so tired of this overexposed jerkoff. I hereby vow to never read his crappy blog again. What’s really upsetting is that he is one of the most powerful gays out there. I mean, who else is as prominent in the media, Ellen? I can’t really think of many others. I understand that to carve out a place in mainstream media you have to be subtle about gay issues, but his posts are laden with homophobic undertones and he is constantly gushing over straight celebs, their relationships, and their children. Personally I am soooo over straight people getting married and having babies. I mean, is there anything as played out as that?

What really did him in for me was this post. Of all people why does the big gay blogger have to be the most mean spirited about the fact that Lindsay Lohan is in a same sex relationship. If he were at all responsible he would defend her. He repeatedly refers to Samantha Ronson as “saMAN”. So she’s not femme, that’s not a reason to trash her. It would be inappropriate to gay bash him for being too flamboyant or faggy, and trashing her appearance and clothing is not a bit different. I think that it screams internalized homophobia. He has millions of readers who are overwhelmingly straight, and when they read him making comments like that they percieve that it’s okay to talk the same way.

His position in the media gives him a rare opportunity to open up positive discourse around queer issues, like Ellen did by grilling McCain on gay marriage. Unfortunately he has failed to do so, and as smart and responsible homos/allies I think we should all be done with his sorry ass.


4 Responses to “Paul: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Perez Hilton…”

  1. 1 whichferret
    June 26, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    I had never even heard of this person until a few days ago and already I dislike him. Of course, I mostly don’t care what celebs do in their day to day life anyway….as long as it is not really hurting other people(getting drunk and crashing into other people gets my attention). But seriously, has he looked in a mirror? And he is gonna get down on how someone LOOKS? Hello? And I am right there with you that Ms. Lohan should be able to date whomever she pleases. Did Perez miss the memo that most lesbians do not look like porn stars? No matter what straight men REALLY REALLY want to believe.

    Thanks for having the guts to say it like it is and stand up to this prick


  2. 2 The Bearded Traveler
    June 27, 2008 at 11:08 am

    I never really saw much of his “work.” I suppose that stops me from bashing him… but I just always got a baaad feeling about him. I mean, someone who is NAMING THEMSELF for Paris Hilton, and then hangs out with her (at one time, anyway), is kinda creepy to me. I mean, she’s obviously a jerk.
    I don’t know much positive about LiLo, but at least Paris doesn’t like her,
    so that’s something positive!

    I aGREE about the babies! Why are we REWARRRDING celebrities with adulation
    for procreating? Jiminy! Who cares?? People do it each minute of each day.

  3. June 29, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    my boyfriend joe has to listen to me rant about this guy every single week and i think if i don’t stop reading his site, it will seriously start to affect my relationship.

    i tried boycotting him for his sensationalist reporting of the situation in cuba, then for his obama-bashing, then for the fact that he is at this point more caught up with his own fame and furthering the agenda and careers of himself and his celebrity friends than reporting on gossip, but i can’t seem to stop reading his site! i think it is sort of a “know-thy-enemy” situation, but i also realize that every click is one small validation of this deplorable man (not exaggerating, really feel that way) and i MUST stop.

    i HATE HATE HATE that he is representing gays and latinos (!!!) in the mainstream media. i absolutely agree with you on the samantha ronson issue as well. i only recently really thought about it because i know his little nickname is partly because he hated her from before (she tried to sue him) but it is absolutely dangerous in this day to use someone’s sexual/gender identity to mock them. great point. what really put me over the edge is his promotion of katy perry who, while i don’t think is TRYING to slander gays with her songs, is treading on dangerous waters with her lyrics and again, in the times we live in i just don’t think that’s okay.

    ugh, i also just find it offensive that he is simply not funny. michael k (gay) of Dlisted.com is also a celeb blogger, and he is unnecessarily mean sometimes too, but at least he’s reeeally reeeally funny!

    and then there is gaycondo!

    ps the hollywood baby boom makes me sick, SICK. and i don’t think that makes me straight-phobic.

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