Jon: “Exile in Guyville” 15th Anniversary…


…and it is still Liz Phair’s only good album.

And by good, I mean fucking amazing! When EinG originally came out I was only 11 years old, so I didn’t get to enjoy the first wave of fandom. When I eventually heard it for the first time in 1998, EinG immediatly stood out to me from the sea of similiar angsty-girl-with-a-guitar albums, which by that point had become everyday top 40 fodder. Instead of utilizing overly sentimental weepy music and lyrics (*ahem* Jewel *ahem* Sarah Mclacklan), Liz Phair tugged the heartstrings intellectually. It also helped that her deep voice and unaffected vocal arrangements were miles away from anything else that was popular at the time. EinG was also a spotlessly perfect album. Not a single bad or filler song. Each of the 18 tracks is a stand out.. Check out this mega cheesy 90’s video for the song “Never Said” (which, I must admit is not one of my absolute favorites from EinG)

The big bummer about Liz Phair though, is that after putting out Exile in Guyville she never had another album that even came close. In fact, she never even had another album that was worth listening to. A lot of artists seem to suffer from the same pit fall. Their first album if full of all the songs they have been working on for their whole careers up to that point. Then when it comes time to write something new, they find that they have nothing left, so the rush to put something out, and it sucks.

Well, the 15th anniversary of EinG occurred this year, and the album has been re-released with 4 bonus tracks that were all recorded at the same time as the original album. In addition, the CD will come with a 60 minute documentary exploring the original creation of EinG. Yay! Here is the trailer for the film:

Phair has also stated in interviews that she is writing new material that is similiar to the sound of EinG and that she is really excited about how good these new songs are turning out………but because she has let me down so much in the past, I am approaching this news very cautiously… hopefully it will be awesome…… but most likely it will be an over-produced turd, much like her last several releases.

PS: There has been a lot of talk around Gaycondo about how the early 90’s are coming back in style full force and I just wanted to point out that this whole Liz Phair thing is just another drop in the bucket.




1 Response to “Jon: “Exile in Guyville” 15th Anniversary…”

  1. June 29, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    great post jon! this whole 90s revival thing is freaking me out a little. i thought i was ready for it, but i guess i was wrong.

    anyway, i gotta say i disagree slightly because i REALLY love whip-smart. i can see son-by-song how exile is the superior album, but i can more easily listen to whip-smart all the way through, probably because i too was too young for the first wave of fandom and whip-smart is the first of her albums i actually got my hands on and fell in love with her awesomely low, if hard to sing along with, voice and intelligent, funny without being gimmicky lyrics. i also loved her crappy pre-guyville demos i got off napster, but i lost them all when my old computer crashed.

    anyhoo, i too am wary of this new album because although i am a pretty open-minded pop-loving girl who even enjoyed a few select tracks from whitechocolatespaceegg in 1998, the song “why can’t i” from her self-titled album on’03 broke my little heart into a million pieces.

    here’s hopin’!

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