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Paul: Tranny Hot Mess Leaving Youtube…


…Chris Crocker moving on.

I never religously watched Chris Crocker’s videos or anything, but I am definately sad to see him go. Perhaps it is just time. I love how he takes himself sooooooooooo seriously. I hope he’s right though about going on to bigger things and finally “let [his] tranny ass hair down”. It would be a shame if he didn’t. I know that he has gotten numerous negative comments (and death threats) from people gay and straight, but I think the world needs a Chris Crocker. His new website looks kind of shitty, though, I hope he can get it together before we all lose interest.

Also, if you are sick and want to see Chris having a Britney Spears moment, click here… p.s. DON’T DO IT, IT’S REALLY GROSS!!!!!!!!!!


Jon: Crying, over you…

jonheader.jpg favorite scene from one of my favorite films.

I’m sure most of you have seen the film Mulholland Drive by now, but I just wanted to remind you of this scene, featuring what is for me the most effective use of music in any film ever:

The first time I saw David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive was a rather postmodern experience. I was on an official date (the last pre-Paul one I ever had. It’s been 6.5 years now) of movie and a dinner. We were at a small independant theater in western MA, with maybe 5 other strangers. We both ended up breaking down in tears just like the characters.

It was wierd.

And maybe the most visceral movie going moment I have ever had…

This scene is of course the key to understanding the whole (non-linear) film. It has to do with false representions and fantasy and all this other stuff that is impossible to explain if you haven’t seen the movie. Regardless, I think that Rebekah Del Rio’s spanish version of Roy Orbinson’s hit song is not reliant in cinematic context to be a moving piece of art.

 To see Roy Orbinson performing the original English version of this song live in 1972, click below….

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Jon: Ok, I’m getting sick of the trash talk….


…I like the campy Batman better! So shut your trap!

With the release of, Dark Knight, the newest film in the long-standing Batman franchise, there has been a lot of talk and comparisons being made in regards to the 90’s films of the same subject matter. While most are in agreement that the first two films (Batman, Batman Returns) are fantastic, almost everyone with a soapbox to preach from has been talking some serious shit about the third (Batman Forever) and fourth (Batman and Robin) films.

What the fuck? I mean, seriously, I love these films… Not everyone wants a serious, dark, brooding  Batman. I prefer my caped crusader campy and fabulous! Here are just a couple of the countless reasons why faggy Batman kicks prozacy/gothy/straight Batman’s ass:

1.) Cheesy one liners and choreography:

This video was originally created (most likely by a boring nerdy straight guy) to make a case for why Batman and Robin was the worst movie ever. Apparently this guy has never heard of camp. Just look at those crotch/ass shots and ridiculous oneliners! What is not to love?

2.) Faggy super hero fetish wear anyone?

In case you were not already doing so, I want you to take a good hard look at Chris O’Donnell’s (Robin’s) crotch. Any fag will tell you: that fucker is packing heat. And when it comes to movies, I think crotchy actors is something we can all collectively get behind.

3.) Strong, fashionable, faggette ladies:

Are they queer or just “queer friendly”? Who knows! One thing that is for sure though: these volumized hair having, spandex wearing, ass kicking ladies are a camp lovers wet dream!

In conclusion:

Old Batman is faggy and awesome!

New Batman is boring and hates the gays.

The End.


Paul: Music Video Monday

Smog – Rock Bottom Riser


Jon: The Return of photographer Liz Wolfe…


Long time Gaycondo readers may remember this post  or this other one I did about Canadian photographer Liz Wolfe. She has been one of my favorite’s to watch for the past couple of years, but it has been kind of a bummer lately because she has not not updated her website with new work in ages.

Lucky for us, today she finally did! Not only did she add 14 new images (including the two featured below), she also built an online store which she has been talking about doing for years. The store has two different sets of ten 6X8 images for sale for a measley $100. That is only $10 per image people! 

The groups are divided into two common themes in Wolfe’s work: Sugar and Creatures. These are open editions, but I would still pounce on these amazing opportunities to own Wolfe’s original art at a fraction of her normal gallery prices. Based on my experience with the last time she tried her hand at an online store (I bought some pieces from her and then *poof* the store was gone a week later. I was lucky with my timing.) this venture may be over any day now.


Bunny with Candy, 2008

Popsicle, 2008

To see more just CLICK CLICK CLICK!


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: incredible Thom Yorke painting video

In the weeks prior to me seeing Radiohead for the first time I have been watching documentaries about their legacy. Searching for more on Youtube I have happened upon this incredible digital drawing a fan has done of Thom Yorke. I have also been very amazed by people who use digital drawing techniques as their medium – I have always found it quite disorienting to try and draw upon digital pad whilst looking up at a screen. I just love how creative people (ie. Radiohead) can inspire others to be creative, continuing the artistic circle of creation.

Anyways, watch this artistic video done by the talented Nico Di Mattia.


Jon: The “Pop” art of William Lamson…


sorry, that was a dumb pun…..

Multimedia artist William Lamson has created a new body of work titled Actions that is at once visually stimulating and oddly calming simultaneously. Each short video piece invloves the artist finding new and often unexpected ways to manipulate and (usually) destroy groups of black balloons. Watching the videos in Actions creates a wierd state of trance that is hard to explain. You just have to check it out! Go to his website to view the whole collection, you will love it!


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