Jon: Sculptor Hyungkoo Lee Shows Us the Gristle Underneath…


…and the true face of our beloved childhood friends.

 Korean sculptor Hyungkoo Lee recently debuted his new collection, Animatus, at the Natural History Museum in Basel Switzerland. The series studies an imagined biological reality within deeply rooted American animation icons. Lee sculpted life-like skeletal systems for well known characters such as Huey, Dewey and Louie, Bugs Bunny, and Wyle E Coyote. The startling visual effect created by these pieces is largely a result of their transferral of perspective from fantasy based viewing to scientific based viewing.

Seriously, what is up with the shape of these well known characters’ bodies? It is a question that we have become so accustomed to not  asking, that when it is brought up we are put into a jarring stasis. Hyungkoo Lee has effectively debunked whatever preconcieved notions we have about the normative reality we build around these childhood loved-ones. It is the subconcious cultural importance that we have applied to these characters that ultimately makes Lee’s art so important. By seeing the “truth” within their forms, it is now possible as adults to once again see our animated friends as artistically relevent figures.              















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