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Finally the June gloom has passed over Portland and it is summer! Here are my favorite gaycondo moments from June:

Jon: Meet Freddy : Remember how the knome, from the movie Amelie, would send picture postcards to document it’s travels? Similarly, Jon’s grandma had a very cute hobby where she would take pictures of a stuffed bear named Freddy in many situations around the house. If only she was fueled by the evils of capitalism and transformed these images into a best selling coffee table book…

Tragically Unheard Of: Swallows: You love our taste in music, film, fashion, etc….so it only makes sense that you will love the music we make in our band, Swallows. This post details our postmodern method of transforming a song from it’s original context. We use Mama Cass’s hit, “Words Of Love” as an example.

Jon: The Puzzling Art of Kent Rogowski: Wow! This guy must have a lot of creative time on his hands! I betcha one day his artwork will actually be turned into a puzzle you can attempt to put together

Jon: Exile in Guyville’s 15th Anniversary : I seem to be the only one who hasn’t heard EIGV in it’s entirety, however, Jon’s impeccable music taste has drawn me in. This post also includes a mini doc about what a whole bunch of famous rocker guys think about Liz Phair’s monumental record.

KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Juno, WTF?: Yep, I’ll say it again: Juno fucking sucked!!! (or rather, maybe she should have instead!)

Jon: This Just In, I’m Lazy: June may have been a lazy month at gaycondo, but Jon did manage to find the most amazing thing we have ever seen….LIVE sand animation…. no joke, you will be mesmerized!

Jon: Gummi Lighthouse?: Looks like a gummi you-know-what to me

Paul: Latte Art: Baristas – take note on how to get better tips.

Swallows: Remix Sneak Peak: Take a listen to some down n dirty remixes Y-TRON has done for Jon and Em’s band Swallows!

Jon: Pass This On By The Knife: Jon has finally discovered the Knife! WOO!

Jon: Multimedia artist Nagi Noda’s hair hats: I admit, I am pretty ignorant to most “high fashion” (which I find to be over indulgent and hideous)… however, I had no idea that a hair made from human’s hair, molded to look like an animal’s head could give me such daydream nightmares…

Paul: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Perez Hilton: Dear readers, we love you because you spend time praising us here at gaycondo instead of following the masses and worshipping Perez… I had no idea that he could be so homophobic towards Lohen + Samantha. (and I had no idea that he sports a pair of guy-normous man tits!)

Jon: Neil Barrett’s Spring 2009 Collection: Some great fashion tips for all the guys/fagettes with style.

Paul: Carl’s Jr Ad…too gay for TV: Paris Hilton, you got one upped by this sexy/comedic commercial for Carl’s Jr… gay is always better, anyhow


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