Em Brownlowe

Beth and I are pretty much obsessed with the instant viewing documentaries found on Netflix. Lately, my favorite one is This American Life hosted by Ira Glass. Apparently, the show started as an NPR radio hit back in 1995 and was so good the creators decided to make it into a TV show… This is all new to me.

For those who haven’t heard about this show here is the general concept. Ira Glass documents and interviews people throughout America who have a peculiar stance on life and the world around them. As the stories are told by the people living them, we get a greater sense of who they are as people and also a greater understanding of American culture and our own place within it.

For example, one story documents a 7th grade boy who says he doesn’t believe in love. In fact, he says he doesn’t even love his own parents and thinks love destroys everything that is really important about individuality. Another story looks at a group of elderly people who are beginning a new life by participating in an original screenplay.

One of my favorites was about a Texas cattle farmer who has a tamed bull named Chance. Considered to be a domestic animal, Chance is allowed outside of the gated corral to wander around the family’s yard. Through Chance’s gentle behavior, which is quite atypical for a bull, this man gets national attention. He has pictures of celebrities sitting on the bull and has been on the Letterman show. Eventually, Chance dies and the heartbroken man turns to animal cloning in order to create another bull, Second Chance. The real kicker is that this man actually believes the second bull is his beloved companion’s soul reincarnated. He firmly keeps this position even after Second Chance plows through him numerous times…something the original Chance would never do. This just goes to show how delusional the guy is and how he is blinded by grief and idealism.

Anyways, it is a really great show! I can’t wait for the second season to come up on Netflix.

Here is the preview:


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