Jon: I think I’m in love….


I was just perusing one of my favorite websites, Men.Style.Com, and was floored when I saw the Spring ’09 shoe collection from Givenchy. Their clothes are a little too out there for me most of the time, especially as head-to-toe looks, but as individual pieces a lot of them can easily be turned into wearable points of focus in an otherwise toned down outfit.

These shoes are a perfect example. I love the way that they daringly integrate trends popular in women’s fashion (gladiators, victorian utilitarianism), while still remaining wearable in the context of menswear. Mens fashion rarely takes risks that can actually translate from the runway to the real world, and it is revitalizing to see Givenchy take on the task and succeed.

If I had these shoes, I doubt I would be daring enough to actually wear them with shorts, which mean I would most likely go for the pair on the left. Most of the time they would appear to simply be attractive classic wing-tips, but when you sat down and your pants ride up a little it would be a fashion explosion!

Not that it matters though, unless I win the lottery. These shoes will most likely retail in the range of $600-$700. Let’s hope H&M hops to it and knocks them off ASAP.


2 Responses to “Jon: I think I’m in love….”

  1. July 11, 2008 at 4:32 am


    those shoes are gorgeous…

    i want to have them…


    i love looking at men.style.com, too.

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