KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Barack Obama – Alt.energy resources NOW!

Confession: I come from a long history military family. My grandfather deceived military officials about his youthful age so at the age of 15, he would be permitted to fly fighter planes in WWII. My uncle is a high esteemed Navy Captain and my father flew F-18 jets in the Gulf War. Throughout, my dad’s term with the Marine Corp, my family relocated several times throughout my elementary/middle school education. After he retired from the Marine Corp, my dad took a position flying for the commercial airline, United Airlines.

In 2001, I awoke one morning at 6AM. My dad was screaming at the TV. I was in 7th grade. It was the morning of the infamous September 11th. His sister had just called him from the Washington D.C. metro area. A plane had hit the Pentagon. Such news was critical to her and my father’s shared background of military involvement. In fact, between past deployments, my dad had worked in the Pentagon. Because of the commotion, I awoke. I went downstairs and my mother told me what was happening to the security of our nation. Immediately, after her explanation, the three of us watched the second plane drive straight into the World Trade Center’s second tower.

Still, my American life had to go on. An hour later, I drove to my 11th grade year in high school, dumbstruck by what had happened. Still, through the media, I relived the event through NPR, a liberal radio station I habitially listened to while I drove to school. The airline that had been involved in the crash was United Airlines – the company my father flew for after his retirement from the military. The moment I saw my first period teacher I broke down. Luckily, my dad’s day off was the day the travesty occurred. Today, as a retired Marine, my dad tests military oriented planes.

There is no doubt in my mind that George W. Bush (and most importantly, his behind the scenes minute men, Dick Cheny and Donald Rumsfeld) took advantage of this catastrophic event in order to finish long term business with the Middle East. To gain the nation’s support, they devised a plan of terror – one I’m sure most of you are familiar with – in order to gain military support… I remember the following months passing September 11th, not even a year after the war on terror was declared – a military recruitment team spoke in high school classrooms offering the exchange of free college tuition for “short term/non combative” military service. However, these military officials did not foresee the future fact that 1,000’s of American soldiers would end up dead and thousands more would return with shocking mental disabilities, reminiscent of the Vietnam War, plus a multitude of unjust Iraqi lives lost. All of which were excused as a blind trade of terror for demographic oil control projected by the Bush Administration’s misappropriation of the attack on America by Al Quaida. Such a tactic was misguided as an excuse to focus upon unfinished business with Iraqi leader, Saddam Huessein and America’s insatiable quest for oil.

Oil. A natural element infused as a power symbol to those who have always known it. This resource can be used to oppress the masses and control their thinking in order to justify their agenda of money, capitalism, greed and control. If you have ever seen the documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car, you will be turned on to the idea of alternative energy transportation and how that the radical, environment equals people conscious idea was squashed by the USA government, oil companies as well as by the skeptical consumer population.

Currently, in the summer of 2008, lower/middle class people of Los Angeles County pay $4.59+ a gallon. Many of these people can afford it and find it an economical inconvenience to their upper middle class lifestyle which require basic commutes to the grocery store and strip malls embedded in their planned communities. However, thousand of others in rural communities or the lower income bracket in urban areas find it hard to make ends meet as they spend a percentage of their income budgeting fuel costs to get to jobs requiring commutes.

People and politicians are starting to panic because of the United State’s dependence on oil. Currently, Iraq is the target. It won’t do any good to transfer the focus to Peru, Alaska or off the coast of Florida. These alt.drilling locations won’t lower the addiction to oil as far as costs go for 5+ years. Such a crisis needs to promote the need for knowledge of the global warming issues and the alternatives for the detrimental risks on the environment and the human population at large. The overall point isn’t to drill into all of the world’s natural supply, instead, the goal should be to curve the United State’s (and the world) dependence on oil.

For this cause, Barack Obama has pronounced committed alternatives in his campaign to transition this nation from a state of oil dependence to a nation embracing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy that can create a multitude of new green-energy jobs in the market to create a better world and a comeback in the techno-advanced USA economy.

Watch/listen to Barack’s inspirational words on his journey to America’s new era on the drastic need for renewable energy consciousness….

The Western energy revival is ready to advance in order to prolongate a healthful human existance. With such reasoning, I am confused why automotive industries are not capitalizing on this issue. All in all, their holding onto the strings of “old way” of business is corrupting the American people (aka, consumers) because there is a way to make money off of people by using alt.energy sources and (ie. transferring gas stations into electric/hybrid charging zones). The answer is because of greed. Alternative energy sources for automobiles have existed for over a decade, however, people are still reluctant to embrace it’s choices. It is hard to change decade of the reliance on oil-driven automobiles, a mindset that is detrimental to the alt-auto-energy business; a mindset that will continue to oppress the American people because of oil dependence. While it may be hard to believe – these innovative electric-car resources can be operated for under $0.60 cents per gallon. Still, they are highly questioned by the general mid-class population. In most states of eco-consciousness, both the gas companies and the public have prepared a grave for a vehicle that is willing to work with the old/new system…………

This attitude is fucking everyone over. In Portland, I have been to some mid-range electro vehicle dealers…I’m not in the economical bracket to finance a new car, however, if I was, an electric car would be in my priority and budget for $18,000. Lucky for me, I live in a small city that planned for adequate public transportation and encouraged commuting by bike. However, the nation overall denying these integral changes in American travel (which, in many ways translates to survival in rural/poor/non-public transportation equipt urban areas) will destruct the society America has esteemed highly since the Industrial Revolution. Up until now, people have been playing the game….they have been budgeting absurd gas prices into their pocket books. Soon, the mid-working class people will not have the cards to play the game. They will not have enough cash to throw down to get to work and play the ultimate American poker game, The Economy. The people above them will drop their cards in a 53 card pick up escapade.

Obama seems to understand these things. He seems to feel it is his duty as President of the United States to create alternative energy sources for the mid/working class people to do their duty by working for the industry of this country and to not have the option of failure because of the rising gas costs, a financial burden that detours them from being able to feed and support their families – and most radically – being able to transport themselves to work. He also shares my vision, as the most powerful nation on the planet, it is our responsibility to promote and embrace alt. energy, green economies and recycle/reuse philosophies to prolong satisfactory human health on this planet.



4 Responses to “KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Barack Obama – Alt.energy resources NOW!”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    July 18, 2008 at 9:47 am

    I have a few opinions about energy and global warming that… prob WON’T fit in a little comment window in Gaycondo! …but I’ll try to put out my basic tenants of belief, without the necessary exposition that would clarify them best, and hope I don’t come off too badly.
    I don’t believe global warming is human-generated; this comes from reading Bill Bryson’s book about the sciences, A Short History Of Nearly Everything, and seeing that the global temperature (and the wildlife of the planet) has wildly fluctuated over the millenia…
    but, I AM an environmentalist who also KNOWS that the planet’s oil WILL RUN OUT this century. The estimates vary on when, but it is an obvious physical fact. To borrow Daniel Plainview’s straw-and-milkshake metaphor from There Will be Blood, humanity’s been sucking the planet’s oil for over a century, and the usage has obviously skyrocketed over the last dozen decades. The planet will simply run out of oil. It’s a physical fact. You can’t suck at a milkshake forever; you are gonna hit the bottom of the glass. I’ve seen estimates from century’s end to the middle of this century, and I’ve seen nobody who can rationally dispute this, or has bothered to dispute this… although I’m sure some oil company would try! I’ve seen people argue that we should try to generate tools to use sandy/ sediment-filled oil that are unusable now. Talk about your short-term solutions! Mucky oil will run out as surely as “clean” oil will! It makes much more sense to develop improvements in solar, hydrogen, electric-charged vehicles, etc.
    I think the country will have to use more nuclear power. I think some people bristle at this from 1) the nuclear-accident days of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, 2) the fact the George W likes nuclear (if he likes it, it must be stupid and bad, right?)… but 1) nuclear power has made many safety advances since then. The amount of nuclear waste produced by reactors has plummeted, from advances in the field. And you can be anti-Bush and use nuclear! France is the most obvious example of a country that has used it successfully. Frankly, the USA LOVES its electric gadgets; they’re not going away any time soon, and if we use electric vehicles then our electricity needs will exponentially soar; they’re going to rise continuously, regardless. I’d rather use nuclear than coal, or divert/ ruin rivers with dams anymore. Wind and wave strike me as good sources; some environmentalists don’t like their impact on birds and ocean life, respectively, but I think they’re not looking at the electricity needs of the USA rationally. (Plus, I think there’s gotta be ways to make turbine blades safe for birds, such as mesh between blades or high-frequency whistles like deer-deterrent ones on cars. I dunno much about wave-power environmental issues yet, I admit.) Also, people talk about limits in solar power without considering that its efficiency, solar panel technology, can be improved, like any technology can.
    The fact that oil will run out, coupled with the fact that burning fossil fuels OBVIOUSLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY pollutes our water and air, makes the need for alternate vehicle fuels a top priority, for America, for every country that wants to transport people or products (I assume that means every country).

  2. 2 The Bearded Traveler
    July 18, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Oh two PSs I left out:

    1) The accident at Chernobyl was caused by the manager of the plant doing WILDLY UNSAFE things for a personal experiment on his reactors; he did STUPID things with NO authorization. Granted, this is why nuclear needs strong oversight. You can’t have people doing stupid things as an “experiment.” I’m not sure exactly what happened at Three Mile Island, other than they had some build-up of contaminated air and let some out to prevent a breakage and much greater leak.

    2) The USA didn’t have jets in WWII. The Germans did, England did, but we didn’t. Maybe you meant the Korean War? The US did have jets then, mostly the F-86 Sabre, which was almost identical to the Soviet MiG 15. Here’s a link to the f-80, listed in Wikipedia as the first American jet:

  3. 3 The Bearded Traveler
    July 18, 2008 at 10:03 am

    PPS- Oh, that same Wiki article mentions that the US was experimenting with jets at the end of WWII, but not in combat. Perhaps your grandpa test-flew those?

  4. 4 gaycondo
    July 18, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    i didnt realize jets was a different terminology than war plane. fixed that. obviously, ive never really shown interest in military endeavers. i’m not sure what type of plane my grandfather flew but here is a list of american war planes from ww2: http://www.acepilots.com/planes/main.html

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