Paul: Bikes vs. Cars…

…this shit needs to end, seriously.

Those of you who live in Portland have probably seen this a dozen times by now, but if you haven’t then take a look so you can be outraged. Last week the driver and cyclist in this video got into some altercation that ended like this:

Fortunately the driver is in jail now, but local news outlets have become obsessed with stirring up shit between cyclists and drivers. I commute about 10 miles each day by bike, and yeah, I do feel a little superior about it for a number of reasons. The media coverage of things like this really does a disservice to everyone. I am sick of hearing drivers interviewed on the news whining about cyclists not stopping for stop signs. It’s not the same as cars doing it, on a bike you have a much fuller range of vision and can also hear whether a person is coming. It’s kind of like jaywalking.

Because a car is so much bigger and can cause so much more damage to a cyclist than the other way around, drivers really do owe a greater duty of care to cyclists. That doesn’t stop people from changing lanes and nearly hitting me as if I’m not there or other stupid shit. Now I have to worry that shoud I give them the finger or yell at them for it they’ll pull some psycho shit like this.


1 Response to “Paul: Bikes vs. Cars…”

  1. 1 WLM
    August 19, 2008 at 10:08 am

    I strong disagree with your comment about cyclists and stop signs – it can be very dangerous when cyclist run reds. I have seen a bike plow into a car; swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a car, nearly hit pedestrians, etc when they run reds. While there are still different factors between a bike and a car at a red, it is still very dangerous for both to run them. Also, I slow down or stop when I jaywalk, many cyclist do not and that leads to most of the problems that I have seen. I saw one lady run a red on her bike while talking on her cell phone, with no hands are the bars and speeding down a hill. If you start allowing exceptions to basic road safety then others will think that there are exceptions to not using their blinker or really checking when changing lanes. Everyone must be courteous and safe and that includes stopping at red.


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