Jon: The Return of photographer Liz Wolfe…


Long time Gaycondo readers may remember this post  or this other one I did about Canadian photographer Liz Wolfe. She has been one of my favorite’s to watch for the past couple of years, but it has been kind of a bummer lately because she has not not updated her website with new work in ages.

Lucky for us, today she finally did! Not only did she add 14 new images (including the two featured below), she also built an online store which she has been talking about doing for years. The store has two different sets of ten 6X8 images for sale for a measley $100. That is only $10 per image people! 

The groups are divided into two common themes in Wolfe’s work: Sugar and Creatures. These are open editions, but I would still pounce on these amazing opportunities to own Wolfe’s original art at a fraction of her normal gallery prices. Based on my experience with the last time she tried her hand at an online store (I bought some pieces from her and then *poof* the store was gone a week later. I was lucky with my timing.) this venture may be over any day now.


Bunny with Candy, 2008

Popsicle, 2008

To see more just CLICK CLICK CLICK!


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