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Jon: We hope to be seeing all you lovely readers tomorrow night for the first ever Gaycondo VJ night..

The VJ portion of the evening begins promptly at 8PM, so don’t be fashionably late!


Jon: I love you Buddy Cole…


One of my favorite shows to watch growing up was Kids in the Hall, a canadian sketch comedy show that ran in heavy syndication on Comedy Central during the mid to late 90’s. I probably saw every episode ten times, and eventually began memorizing entire scenes. I know,  how total dorky fan boy of me.

What set Kids in the Hall apart from it’s contemporaries was that, even at it’s crudest moments (of which it had numerous) it never sacrificed it’s intelligence and depth of character. In addition, the show always portayed gender and sexuality variants in a way that was respectful and (for the time) quite radical. As a queer teen without exposure to many positive examples of queers in the media (outside of music), this show was really exciting to watch.

My favorite character has always been Buddy Cole, the faggot bar owner famous for his brassy and witty monologues. While the subjects he spoke about tended to be on the negative side, he never lost his optimism that the world was trully a wonderful place to be.

Buddy Cole, in my opinion, is a member of a very small group of queer TV personalities that represent our community in a positive and realistic light. I know a lot of people probably disagree with me on that, but I would rather have a smart, brassy, funny, offensive, lisping faggot represent me than the dead below the waste straight-washed fair we are usually offered (hello Will Truman).

Watch this, one of his first appearances, as well as several others after the jump Oh, and if you have traded your sense of humor in for a badge of political correctness, you may not want to watch…..

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Paul: My Two Cents on Sarah Palin…


…does it really matter that she’s a woman if she’s an anti-women woman?

She may look a bit like Tina Fey, but don’t be fooled

Today is a happy day, because McCain fucked up really bad on this one. Obviously he was trying to pander to the allegedly disaffected women who voted in the Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton. It really shows how shockingly pathetic republicans’ understanding of this demographic is. Apart from a few random idiots, none of these women are going to be impressed by this pick of an anti-abortion, gun-toting, church-going breeder.

A look at her record shows that she is completely unsuited for politics on a national scale. As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska she fired the Police Chief and Library Director for political reasons. This ended up with the Police Chief filing suit against her, though it was later dismissed. More recently as governor, she fired the state Public Safety Commissioner because he refused to fire her ex-brother in law, a State Trooper. Basically, she used her office to retaliate against the guy because of a custody dispute with her sister. 

She’s currently being investigated for this fiasco and I think it’s going to get a lot more attention in the coming months. When the media latches on to it the narrative is going to be that women are too emotionally driven and catty to effectively serve in such in high-power positions. Ultimately, her Vice Presidential run is going to do a lot more to hurt women in politics than help. It’s a shame because there are a lot of other women in the party with a lot more experience and qualifications that he might have chosen.  

Women in politics are hardly unusual these days. There are many holding gubernatorial and congressional offices. Obviously we should aim for a 50/50 ratio, which we are nowhere near, but I still think it constructive to imagine how this pick would be taken if Palin were male. Obviously it would NEVER have happened. When you think of it, that’s kind of insulting. I don’t think you could say the same of Hillary Clinton’s service in the Senate or run for President, and that’s the difference.


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Pugs on the brain

Em Brownlowe

So out of nowhere, Beth has recently developed an obsession with getting a small dog. Particularly a pug…which is unfortunate because we can’t have a small dog living at gaycondo because A. three cats rule the house and B. we have backless stairs that could result in a horrific accident involving a skiddish dog slipping through falling down 8 feet…while a parapelegic pug in a body cast sounds adorable it would be a total downer on the whole puppy experience.
Today Beth and I had a miniature “America” day – which usually involves going to the local mall and eating a Wetzel Pretzel, snickering as we watch young children fall down on the ice rink and reading magazines we won’t buy at Barnes N Noble. However, today marks the first time we entered a pet store together to browse the puppy section. Inside was an adorable black pug that was sleeping in it’s tiny cage. It’s peaceful nature made me change my mind on the whole dog thing (I consider myself a cat person).

I am under the impression that owning a dog is the training wheels for straight people to see if they are mature enough to handle procreation or the eco-friendly option of adoption. This may be the same for queer ladies – only the need to get a dog in your early-mid twenties may satisfy your inner baby clock that won’t be fullfilled without a turkey baster or until the day gay couples can adopt without a huge financial/legal hassel passes. Whatever the root of her obsession is, Beth is completely immersed and is taking me down the doggie doo doo path with her.

To me, the most important aspect of having a small, short haired dog is dressing them up in ridiculous Halloween costumes…check this out:

Now, wouldn’t that be a sight to justify paying upwards of $300-900 dollars on a bundle of pug love?


Paul: Leslie Hall on Yo Gabba Gabba…


…they’ve truly outdone themselves.

Elijah Wood, Cornelius, and now Leslie Hall of Leslie and the Ly’s. I’m starting to wish I had a preschooler.


Paul: Projected Electoral Map…


…I am totally going to check this every day until November.

With the convention going on I’ve found myself in full-on political junkie mode again. I was pretty much glued to the Huffington Post and DailyKos back in the primaries and I am feeling myself getting sucked in again. At least at the current projections, this map helps me sleep a little bit easier.

It adds up all the state-by-state polls and to give you a visual, educated guess at what the outcome would be if the election were held today. You can also see the most recent blog posts and news stories about the election.


Jon: Wow! Seattle Gets Three H&M Stores….


…and Portland gets zilch!

All of Portland has been crossing their legs for the past several months, afraid that with all the anticipation and excitement over our rumored H&M store opening this fall, we might have a “personal” sanitory incident. However, we can all now relax our collectivelly tightened thigh muscles: it’s not going to happen.

Yes it’s true… Portland will not be getting an H&M to call our own this fall!

They have instead decided to focus all of their attention on our bullying douche-bag sister to the North, Seattle. They will not be getting one, BUT THREE H&Ms this fall! In fact, one has already opened!

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that this fall is heralding the most anticipated H&M designer collaboration to date, Comme De Garcon for H&M.  Alas, Portlanders will have to go without acclaimed designer Rei Kawakubo’s take on forward (yet kindo of 90’s-ish) leaning fashion.

Of course, I fully intend to organize a pilgramige to Seattle this fall for the opening of the limited edition collection. Watch out bitches! I’ll totally punch you in the throat to get my hands on this stuff before you do!

A couple of images of the line were “accidentally” leaked onto the internet. Here are some of my favorites:


Got any good leads?

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