Jon: Apparently the Gaycondo neighborhood is a bit more seedy than at first believed…


*Reminder: Gaycondo is not only your favorite blog, but an actual condo full of gays located in Portland, Oregon*

The section of Portland that Gaycondo is located in is an up and coming, mostly residential part of the city. We have a couple of bars, a coffee shop, a chain grocery store, and an independent gas/convenience store. Whenever we go out to buy a six pack, we usually choose the gas station. Not because we are necessarily trying to support the “little guy” working in the shadow of the corporate mega-grocery, but mosty because the desire to get drunk and the desire to walk 6 blocks are pretty much mutually exclusive.

So anyway, as a result of the fact that we as a house are fairly regular beer drinkers, we spend a lot of time waiting in line at the convenience store by our house. Like most indie gas and groceries, it is a little dirty and overpriced. Also, it has the commonly seen drug paraphenilia section. You know the type: pipes, butane lighters, stuff with secret compartments for hiding drugs.

Well tonight while I was in line I noticed a new, strange looking item:

“What is that strange flashlight all about?” I thought. I looked closer and read…

“Finally, a light designed for hunters, by hunters. The Carnivore Blood Tracking Light combines bright xenon light with brand new, patent pending TRAX blood tracking technology. The sportsman can easily toggle between bright xenon and TRAX to find his wounded game.”

What the fuck? Is there really enough of a demand in my part of Portland for a blood finding light to merit stocking it in the convenience store next door? My God! How many drug deals gone bad are happening on my street?

One things for sure: I’ll be using the deadbolt tonight.


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