Jon and Em: Are we being stalked by artists hoping for Gaycondo press?


This morning after we finished band practice and returned to our van, we found a strange package sitting on the seat:


What was it and more importantly how did it get there? All the doors of the car were locked and the windows were rolled up. Somehow this bag magically ended up inside. Things got even more interesting once we took a look at what was inside the package:


In addition to the photos, was a DVD that contained this video:

So, why would some one (apparently through the use of magic and/or a coat hanger) place something like this in our car? Clearly they most know about our wildly popular blog and have hoped that we would write a glowing review of their work. What other explanation could there be?

Lucky for us, Benjamin Stagl and Grace Luebke’s sculptural/film piece, Tumbleweeds, is in fact pretty interesting. You can check out more of the work at Surface Tension, a group show opening tonight at Gallery Homeland (2505 SE 11th). In fact, it suddenly occurs to me that maybe this stuff was meant to be supplies for the event but accidentally ended up in our car (though how this is possible escapes me). Well, here is hoping the mystery will be solved tonight when we attend the opening…


1 Response to “Jon and Em: Are we being stalked by artists hoping for Gaycondo press?”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    August 14, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    It’s a good film short; I think it’d be in their
    best interest, though, to give credit for MUSIC:

    Joanna Newsom!
    (no, it’s not Lisa Simpson)

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