Jon: How does that Claude Cahun quote go?


Oh, now I remember….

“Beneath this mask, another mask. I will never be finished lifting off all these faces” -Claude Cahun

In her book, Aveux non Avenus, I think she was referring to inner personal exploration. Commenting on the fact that we as humans are not only prone to creating a facade for the world to see, but that we also create private ones in order to lie to ourselves.

It is one of my favorite quotes, and I couldn’t help but immediately think of it upon first viewing a recent architectural project by Adam Kalkin named Bunny Lane. This structure seems to be commenting on simliar psychological and socialogical ideas, though in a slightly more whimsical way than that of Cahun.


Bunny Lane is a home made up of two seemingly independent structures, one placed inside the other. On the outside is a fairly simple corrugated steel box which is reminicent of a bomb shelter or some sort of quickly built FEMA emergency relief home. Architecturally speaking, it is fairly cold to look at, having little flourish besides the simple garage-door-like windows and a free standing chiminea built near by.

Inside however is another home which has been built in such a way as to resemble a doll house. Its open back allows a viewer to peer into each room as though examining vingettes in a childs toy home. It is upon this discovery within the overall building plan that the unexpected name, Bunny Lane, begins to make sense. It seems to be yet another reference to childhood imagination and idealism, perhaps meant to conjure up thoughts of fairy tales, all of which end happily.

It is hard to not be moved by Adam Kulkin’s warm hearted proposal that perhaps we all find a way to embrace and “live inside” the idealistic and hopeful self we all once possessed.


1 Response to “Jon: How does that Claude Cahun quote go?”

  1. 1 Anon
    August 19, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Yikes! I’d feel like I was living in the Hollywood Squares. I’ll take Joan Rivers for the block.

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